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Annual, generally glabrous. Stem: generally ascending to erect, sometimes prostrate when older, generally branched from base, often red-tinged. Leaf: generally many; petiole generally 7–20 mm; leaflets generally 3. Inflorescence: raceme, ± terminal, flowers 1 in leaf axils, or both; pedicel generally 4–25 mm. Flower: parts generally yellow; sepals fused in basal 1/3, generally entire; petals ± sessile, upper 2 often recurved. Fruit: 2–6 mm, often wider than long; septum elliptic to round; receptacle stalk-like. Seed: < 10.
± 10 species: arid western North America. (Diminutive of Cleome) [Holmgren 2004 Brittonia 56:103–106]

Key to Cleomella

1. Receptacle in fruit 0.3–3 mm; petals < 3 mm

2. Flowers 1 in leaf axils; receptacle reflexed in fruit ..... C. brevipes

2' Flowers in racemes, sometimes also 1 in leaf axils; receptacle spreading to ascending in fruit ..... C. parviflora

1' Receptacle in fruit 6–15 mm; petals 3.5–9 mm

3. Plant hairy; older stems prostrate ..... C. obtusifolia

3' Plant glabrous; older stems ascending to erect

4. Branches 0 or generally from lower nodes; leaf elliptic to ovate ..... C. hillmanii var. hillmanii

4' Branches generally from upper nodes; leaf linear-elliptic ..... C. plocasperma


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