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(Greek: dry kill, from plant death in dried habitats) [Reid et al. 2006 Int J Plant Sci 167:529–538] Used as green manure in rice paddies because of nitrogen-fixing algae in upper leaf lobe; species identification difficult, depends in part on fertile material (generally 0 on herbarium specimens). Species hybridize in culture.
Unabridged references: [Perkins et al. 1985 Scanning Electron Microscopy 1985(IV):1719–1734; Evard & Van Hove 2004 Syst. Geogr. Plant. 74:301–318]
Unabridged note: Evard & Van Hove (2004) treated Azolla microphylla as a synonym of Azolla filiculoides, suggesting that plants here called Azolla microphylla might instead belong to Azolla cristata Kaulf., although no California material was referred to this sp. by them.

Key to Azolla

1. Stems equally to often unequally dichotomously branched or pinnately branched, forming round to elongate plants to 3 cm, 2 cm wide; leaves ovate or oblong-ovate, generally 1.2–2 mm, 1 mm wide; leaf margins of upper (± green or ± red) leaf lobes with broad ± white band of cells >= 4 cells wide; male spore mass barbs lacking partitions ..... A. filiculoides

1' Stems ± equally dichotomously branched, forming ± round plants generally 1–1.3 cm wide; leaves ovate to ± round, 0.5–0.8 mm, 0.5–0.7 mm wide; leaf margins of upper (green or ± red) leaf lobes with narrow ± white band of cells 1–2 cells wide; male spore mass barbs with 1–3 partitions ..... A. microphylla


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