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Thomas J. Rosatti & Lauramay T. Dempster

Perennial herb, ascending or erect. Leaf: opposite. Inflorescence: generally cyme, >> 6-flowered. Flower: < 8 mm; corolla bell- or urn-shaped to cylindric, 5-lobed, with 5 triangular appendages alternate stamens; filaments free, attached at base of corolla tube, unappendaged, short, broad, anthers forming cone around and adherent to stigma, each partly sterile, sharply sagittate, pollen ± free; nectaries 5, free, around but not exceeding ovaries; ovaries free, not adherent, style ± 0, stigma massive, ovoid, obscurely 2-lobed. Fruit: slender, cylindric, pointed. Seed: with tuft of long hairs at 1 end.
7 species: North America. (Greek: away from, dog, from ancient use as dog poison) 2 geographically overlapped but ecologically different species in California, many hybrids between them, many of these named.
Unabridged note: 2 geographically overlapped but ecologically different species in California, many hybrids between them. Of many names proposed for these, some (e.g., Apocynum androsaemifolium var. glabrum Macoun; Apocynum medium Greene var. floribundum (Greene) Woodson; Apocynum pumilum (Gray) Greene; Apocynum pumilum var. rhomboideum (Greene) Beg. & Bel.) applied to plants more like Apocynum androsaemifolium, others (e.g., Apocynum cannabinum var. glaberrimum A. DC.; Apocynum sibiricum Jacq. var. salignum (Greene) Fern.) to plants more like Apocynum cannabinum; none here accepted since extent of such subdivision ± limitless.

Key to Apocynum

1. Plant 1.6–3 dm; leaf drooping to spreading, ovate to round, dark green adaxially, often pale abaxially; corolla red-purple or pink to white, pink-striped or not, lobes spreading to recurved; calyx << corolla tube ..... A. androsaemifolium

1' Plant 3–12 dm; leaf ascending, lanceolate to narrow-ovate, yellow-green adaxially, abaxially; corolla ± green or white, lobes ± erect; calyx ± = corolla tube ..... A. cannabinum


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