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1. Leaves compound, base of main division petiole-like and unwinged

2. Leaves palmate, occasionally palmate-ternate, distal segment of main axis 4–30 mm wide

3. Main leaf divisions generally ± 5, central division generally 2–4 cm; styles 2 × calyx lobes; bracts 1–2 mm; fruit occasionally stalked distal to receptacle; common, widespread ..... S. crassicaulis (2)

3' Main leaf divisions ± 3, central division generally 4–7 cm; styles ± = calyx lobes; bracts 3–5 mm; fruit ± sessile distal to receptacle; uncommon, coastal ..... S. hoffmannii (2)

2' Leaves ± pinnate, first division generally ternate, others pinnate, distal segment of main axis 1–5 mm wide

4. Fruit with many hooked prickles

5. Staminate flowers 4–6 per umbel, inconspicuous; stem leafy, ± erect ..... S. bipinnata

5' Staminate flowers 7–12 per umbel, conspicuous; stem ± leafless, branches generally spreading widely from near base ..... S. graveolens

4' Fruit with ± rounded tubercles, hooked prickles 0 or few

6. Plant from taproot (tuber-like); staminate flowers ± > fruit, inconspicuous — North Coast, North Coast Ranges, Cascade Range Foothills ..... S. tracyi

6' Plant from a distinct, spheric or irregular tuber; staminate flowers generally >> fruit, conspicuous

7. Corolla ± yellow or pale red-orange; fruit 2.5–3 mm, most tubercles nipple-like or with bristle; San Francisco Bay Area ..... S. saxatilis

7' Corolla yellow; fruit 1.5–2 mm, tubercles unarmed; widespread ..... S. tuberosa

1' Leaves simple, entire to deeply lobed or cut, axis of main division with at least a narrow, toothed wing throughout

8. Bracts yellow, conspicuous, >> heads; plant prostrate; leaves bright ± yellow-green at flower ..... S. arctopoides

8' Bracts ± green, inconspicuous, <= heads; plant spreading to erect; leaves green at flower

9. Leaf margins not or ± toothed, some basal leaves entire ..... S. maritima

9' Leaf margins sharply toothed, all leaves ± lobed

10. Leaves palmately or ± ternately lobed or dissected; main divisions 3–5, generally not deeply cut

11. Main leaf division narrowed to ± petiole-like base ..... S. hoffmannii (2)

11' Main leaf division generally >= 10 mm wide at base

12. Outline of leaf margin ± rounded, teeth generally ± 1 mm; plant stout, 24–120 cm, generally branched well distal to base; widespread ..... S. crassicaulis (2)

12' Outline of leaf margin sharply angled, teeth generally ± 2 mm; plant slender, 5–30 cm, generally branched near base; generally coastal ..... S. laciniata

10' Leaves ± pinnately lobed or dissected; main divisions generally >= 7, generally deeply cut

13. Leaves appearing ± palmate, with some pinnate divisions — corolla yellow; Central Coast, Outer South Coast Ranges, Southwestern California ..... S. arguta

13' Leaves clearly pinnate, with some ternate divisions

14. Corolla purple or yellow; fruits 3–8 per head; staminate flowers inconspicuous, < fruit; widespread ..... S. bipinnatifida

14' Corolla yellow; fruits 1–5 per head; staminate flowers conspicuous, > fruit; Klamath Ranges (Del Norte Co.) ..... S. peckiana


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