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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Perennial herb, taprooted, cushion-forming, generally coarsely hairy or tomentose. Stem: 0. Leaf: basal-most bladeless sheaths; distal blades narrowly ovate to round, pinnately or ternately dissected, segments lanceolate or oblong. Inflorescence: umbels compound, head-like, spheric or hemispheric; peduncles spreading; bracts 0; involucel 1-sided, bractlets fused to ± free; rays few to many, spreading to spreading-ascending; fertile pedicels short, sterile > fruit. Flower: bisexual, staminate, or sterile; calyx lobes conspicuous or not; petals spoon-shaped or oblanceolate, generally white or yellow, or purple in age, early-deciduous, tips narrowed; ovary tip projection 0. Fruit: ovate to round, ± compressed side-to-side to cylindric, hairy; ribs ± equal, thread-like; oil tubes several per rib-interval; fruit axis divided to base. Seed: face deeply grooved.
3 species: high mountains of California Floristic Province. (Greek: mountain dwarf) [Shevock & Norris 1981 Fremontia 9:22–25]

Key to Oreonana

1. Herbage white-tomentose; umbels hemispheric; corolla yellow or maroon; anthers yellow; calyx lobes inconspicuous, obscured by hairs ..... O. vestita

1' Herbage gray-hairy; umbels spheric; corolla white; anthers purple; calyx lobes conspicuous, spreading

2. Flowers appearing ± with leaf blades; bladeless sheaths 0.5–2 cm; umbels 1–3 cm diam; rays 5–15, 2–8 mm; calyx lobes yellow ..... O. clementis

2' Flowers appearing before leaf blades; bladeless sheaths 3–6 cm; umbels 2.4–4.5 cm diam; rays 20–35, 5–15 mm; calyx lobes purple ..... O. purpurascens


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