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Perennial herb, from taproot or generally deep-seated tuber, glabrous to tomentose. Stem: 0 or erect, simple or branched; base fibrous or not. Leaf: blade oblong to triangular-ovate or obovate, ternately, pinnately, or ternate-pinnately dissected or compound, segments or leaflets thread-like to wide; old basal leaf sheaths fibrous-persistent or not. Inflorescence: umbels compound, peduncled; bracts generally 0; bractlets generally present, 0 to conspicuous; rays, pedicels spreading to erect, generally webbed at base. Flower: calyx lobes generally 0; petals wide, yellow, white, or purple, tips narrowed; ovary tip projection 0. Fruit: linear to obovate, compressed front-to-back; marginal ribs widely to narrowly thin or thick-winged, others thread-like; oil tubes 1–several per rib-interval; fruit axis divided to base. Seed: face flat to concave.
± 75 species: central and southern North America. (Greek: bordered, from prominent marginal fruit wing) [Constance & Ertter 1996 Madroño 43:515–521] Fruit wing width given as width of 1 wing, not both together. Lomatium roseanum Cronquist is reported from High Cascade Range, northern High Sierra Nevada, Modoc Plateau.
Unabridged references: [Schlessman 1984 Syst Bot Monogr 4:1–55; Matthias 1938 Ann Missouri Bot Gard 25:225–297]

Key to Lomatium

1. At base and tip fruit evidently notched and wings narrower; leaflets or segments generally large

2. Leaflets coarsely dentate or some 3-lobed but not pinnately so

3. Leaf 1–2-ternate; fruit wings thickened, >> body in width; s California ..... L. lucidum

3' Leaf ternate-pinnate or 1–2-pinnate; fruit wings thin, ± >= body in width; n California

4. Plant < 8 dm; fruit wide-elliptic to round; Klamath Ranges ..... L. howellii

4' Plant < 5 dm; fruit wide-oblong; North Coast Ranges ..... L. repostum

2' Leaflets pinnately lobed, generally also toothed or irregularly cut

5. Leaf blade > petiole; fruit 15–18 mm — s Channel Islands ..... L. insulare

5' Leaf blade < to ± = petiole; fruit 6–14 mm

6. Leaflet spines weak; fruit wings >= body in width; Central Coast, South Coast Ranges ..... L. parvifolium

6' Leaflet spines strong; fruit wings < body in width; High Sierra Nevada, East of Sierra Nevada

7. Mature rays 25–50 mm; fertile pedicels 5–10 mm ..... L. rigidum

7' Mature rays 1–11 mm; fertile pedicels 0.1–1 mm ..... L. shevockii

1' At base and tip fruit not evidently notched and wings not narrower; leaflets or segments small to large

8. Plant from a definite, spheric to elongate or irregularly thickened, generally ± shallow tuber

9. Plant puberulent to hairy

10. Bractlets not scarious, ± fused, reflexing ..... L. macrocarpum (3)

10' Bractlets ± scarious, free to fused, not reflexing ..... L. nevadense (5)

9' Plant glabrous to ± scabrous but not hairy

11. Plant short-stemmed, from an elongate, generally tapered tuber; rays ± erect; fruit linear-oblong ..... L. bicolor var. leptocarpum (3)

11' Plant stem 0, from a ± spheric to ovoid tuber; rays ± spreading; fruit oblong to ovate

12. Pedicel 5–16 mm; bractlet ± = flower; tuber < 4 cm wide ..... L. canbyi

12' Pedicel 0–4 mm; bractlet 0 or < flower; tuber <= 2.5 cm wide

13. Corolla yellow; leaves ternate-1–2-pinnate; rays 1–12 mm, n&c High Sierra Nevada ..... L. stebbinsii

13' Corolla white; leaves 2–3-ternate; rays 10–50 mm; Klamath Ranges, n High Sierra Nevada, Modoc Plateau

14. Rays 2–5, 1–2 cm; pedicels 3–4 mm; fruit ± 5 mm, ± 4 mm wide; Modoc Plateau ..... L. hendersonii

14' Rays 3–20, 1–6 cm; pedicels 0.5–2.5 mm; fruit 5–9 mm, 3–4 mm wide; Klamath Ranges, n High Sierra Nevada, Modoc Plateau ..... L. piperi

8' Plant from a generally elongated, deep taproot (rarely with a deep-seated tuber at tip)

15. Leaf dissected or compound, segments or leaflets generally few, generally large, generally wide

16. Peduncle distally swollen, inflated ..... L. nudicaule

16' Peduncle distally not swollen, not inflated — rays occasionally webbed at base into prominent disk

17. Stem 0 or short; leaves 0–few. 1–3-pinnate

18. Plant base not fibrous; calyx 0 ..... L. martindalei (2)

18' Plant base fibrous; calyx prominent ..... L. parryi

17' Stem prominently leafy; leaf 1–2-ternate-pinnate

19. Herbage glaucous; leaflets wedge-shaped to obovate, 10–50 mm wide ..... L. californicum

19' Herbage green to ± gray, not conspicuously glaucous; leaflets linear to lance-ovate, 0.5–10 mm wide ..... L. triternatum

20. Ovary, generally fruit densely puberulent ..... var. macrocarpum

20' Ovary, fruit glabrous ..... var. triternatum

15' Leaf dissected, segments generally many, small, occasionally long but then narrow (see also Lomatium parryi)

21. Ovary puberulent to scabrous or hairy, fruit hairy (glabrous in age)

22. Plants generally with definite stem — stem leaves >= 1

23. Petals tomentose ..... L. dasycarpum

24. Leaf segments linear; pedicels generally > fruit ..... subsp. dasycarpum

24' Leaf segments thread-like; pedicels generally < fruit ..... subsp. tomentosum

23' Petals ± glabrous, not tomentose

25. Involucel 1-sided, reflexing, not scarious ..... L. macrocarpum (3)

25' Involucel not 1-sided, not reflexing, generally ± scarious

26. Corolla white to cream; cauline leaf sheaths inconspicuous ..... L. nevadense (5)

26' Corolla yellow; cauline leaf sheaths swollen

27. Herbage densely puberulent to glabrous; ovaries puberulent; bractlets generally obovate to oblanceolate, generally overlapping ..... L. utriculatum (2)

27' Herbage, ovaries generally scabrous; bractlets generally lanceolate to oblanceolate, not overlapping ..... L. vaginatum (2)

22' Stem 0

28. Corolla white to cream, occasionally purple-tinged; anthers generally purple

29. Bractlets puberulent to hairy; leaf segments linear to lanceolate ..... L. ravenii

29' Bractlets ± glabrous; leaf segments linear to oblong ..... L. nevadense (5)

30. Ovary and generally fruit densely fine-hairy ..... var. nevadense

30' Ovary and fruit glabrous to ± scabrous ..... var. parishii

28' Corolla yellow or purple; anthers generally yellow

31. Petiole > leaf blade; corolla generally purple (yellow); fruit wings >= body in width ..... L. mohavense

31' Petiole < leaf blade; corolla yellow (± purple); fruit wings generally 1/2 body in width ..... L. foeniculaceum

32. Petal margin minutely ciliate ..... subsp. fimbriatum

32' Petal margin glabrous

33. Rays generally 1, < 1.5 cm; subalpine scrub ..... subsp. inyoense

33' Rays generally 2–17, < 6 cm; sagebrush scrub, pine woodland ..... subsp. macdougalii

21' Ovary, fruit glabrous, occasionally scabrous

34. Plant generally with a definite stem, stem leaves generally >= 2

35. Stem base with 1 or more scarious, bladeless sheaths; fruit oblong-ovate to elliptic, wings thick, << body in width ..... L. dissectum

36. Fruit ± sessile; fertile pedicels generally 1–3 mm, < sterile ..... var. dissectum

36' Fruit distinctly pedicelled; fertile pedicels generally 5–15 mm, > sterile ..... var. multifidum

35' Stem base without conspicuous bladeless sheaths; fruit wings thin, < to > body in width

37. Corolla white, cream or ± purple

38. Plant glabrous to ± scabrous; bractlets 0–few, inconspicuous ..... L. martindalei (2)

38' Plant densely puberulent to tomentose; bractlets generally conspicuous, occasionally fused into a sheath

39. Involucel 1-sided, reflexing, not scarious ..... L. macrocarpum (3)

39' Involucel generally radial, spreading, scarious ..... L. nevadense (5)

37' Corolla yellow, occasionally white in age

40. Leaves generally not crowded at stem base; fruit wings >= body in width

41. Herbage puberulent to glabrous; ovaries generally puberulent — fruit generally glabrous ..... L. utriculatum (2)

41' Herbage, generally ovaries minutely scabrous ..... L. vaginatum (2)

40' Leaves crowded at stem base; fruit wings < body in width

42. Fruit linear-oblong; leaf segments linear, 10–30 mm, not crowded ..... L. bicolor var. leptocarpum (3)

42' Fruit oblong to ovate; leaf segments linear to oblong, 2–7 mm, crowded

43. Leaf green, shiny, petiole sheathing to ± middle; bractlets free, inconspicuous; Klamath Ranges ..... L. hallii

43' Leaf ± gray, dull, petiole ± sheathing throughout; bractlets fused at base into 1-sided scarious cup; High Cascade Range, n High Sierra Nevada, Great Basin Floristic Province ..... L. plummerae

34' Plant stem ± 0, cauline leaves 0, occasionally 1 or more at base of short stem

44. Fruit linear-oblong to oblong

45. Plant base fibrous; bractlets 0; fruit wings narrow, < 1/2 body; High Sierra Nevada ..... L. torreyi

45' Plant base not fibrous; bractlets several, linear; fruit wings narrow to broad, < or > 1/2 body; High Cascade Range, Modoc Plateau

46. Fruit narrowly oblong, 10–12 mm, 2–5 mm wide, wings narrow, < 1/2 body; High Cascade Range, Modoc Plateau ..... L. bicolor var. leptocarpum (3)

46' Fruit oblong, 8–16 mm, 5–9 mm wide, wings broad, > 1/2 body; Modoc Plateau ..... L. grayi

44' Fruit elliptic or ovate to ± round

47. Leaf segments thread-like to linear, long, not crowded; herbage green, generally shiny

48. Bractlets generally > 5, lanceolate to obovate, scarious, occasionally 0; pedicels stout — generally < fruit ..... L. caruifolium

49. Bractlets wide; fruit wings ± thin, wide ..... var. caruifolium

49' Bractlets narrow, occasionally 0; fruit wings thick, narrow ..... var. denticulatum

48' Bractlets 0–5, thread-like to lance-linear, ± scarious-margined; pedicels slender ..... L. marginatum

50. Corolla yellow; Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range Foothills, Inner North Coast Ranges, n&c Sierra Nevada Foothills, n High Sierra Nevada, Sacramento Valley ..... var. marginatum

50' Corolla ± red-purple; North Coast Ranges ..... var. purpureum

47' Leaf segments lanceolate or oblong to ovate (linear to thread-like), short, generally crowded; herbage generally glaucous or ± gray

51. Herbage clearly puberulent to tomentose

52. Leaf 2–3-pinnately dissected or compound; petiole sheathing in proximal 1/2; corolla white; Great Basin Floristic Province ..... L. nevadense (5)

52' Leaf ternate-pinnately dissected; petiole sheathing throughout; corolla yellow or purple; coast ranges

53. Corolla purple; bractlets scarious ± throughout ..... L. hooveri

53' Corolla generally yellow; bractlets narrowly scarious-margined

54. Ultimate leaf sections overlapping, broad, obtuse; fruit ± elliptic, wings thick; serpentine substrates, High North Coast Ranges, Inner North Coast Ranges ..... L. ciliolatum

54' Ultimate leaf sections less crowded, narrow, generally acute; fruit ovoid, wings thin; volcanic substrate, San Francisco Bay Area ..... L. observatorium

51' Herbage glabrous to minutely scabrous or sparsely puberulent

55. Pedicels generally > fruit; bractlets 0

56. Plant base fibrous; corolla pale yellow ..... L. congdonii

56' Plant base not fibrous; corolla ± purple ..... L. engelmannii

55' Pedicels < fruit; bractlets present

57. Leaf blade obovate, basal sheaths straw-colored; volcanic soils ..... L. peckianum

57' Leaf blade oblong to ovate, basal sheaths ± purple; serpentine substrates ..... L. tracyi


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