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Perennial herb, glabrous; rhizomes fibrous-rooted. Stem: prostrate, creeping. Leaf: 1 or tufted, linear to spoon-shaped, cylindric or ± flattened, segmented, entire, without definite blade or petiole, scarious-sheathing at base. Inflorescence: umbels simple, open, generally peduncled; bracts several, inconspicuous; pedicels few, spreading to recurved. Flower: calyx lobes minute; petals wide, white or maroon, short-acuminate, tip not incurved. Fruit: ovate to obovate, ± compressed side-to-side, glabrous; ribs equal or not, 0–all conspicuously spongy-thickened; oil tubes several to many per rib-interval; fruit central axis not obvious. Seed: face rounded or flat.
13 species: America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa. (Greek: like Lilaea) [Affolter 1985 Syst Bot Monogr 6:1–140]
Unabridged etymology: (Greek: like Lilaea, now merged with Triglochin of Juncaginaceae)

Key to Lilaeopsis

1. Leaf cylindric, 0.4–1.2 mm wide, leaf internal cross-walls 3–8, obscure ..... L. masonii

1' Leaf cylindric to flattened, 0.7–4.5 mm wide, leaf internal cross-walls 4–13, evident ..... L. occidentalis


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