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1. Rays ± 0, umbels dense, spheric; bractlets 0 or poorly developed

2. Leaf minutely hairy or roughened; bracts conspicuous, fused proximally; fruit glabrous ..... C. cinerarius

2' Leaf glabrous; bracts 0; fruit hairy

3. Leaf round, ternate ..... C. ripleyi

3' Leaf oblong-ovate, ternate to 2-pinnate or 2-pinnately dissected

4. Stem 0; fruit wings unequal ..... C. deserticola

4' Stem short, underground; fruit wings ± equal ..... C. globosus

1' Rays ± developed, umbels open to ± dense, not spheric; bractlets generally evident

5. Plant not woody; corolla ± purple; leaf simple to 2-pinnately dissected or compound, lobes, segments, or leaflets wider than linear

6. Bracts 0; leaf round-reniform, ternate ..... C. gilmanii

6' Bracts conspicuous, scarious, veiny; leaf oblong-ovate, 1–2-pinnate or -ternate

7. Bracts and bractlets ± green or ± purple, with many green or purple veins; pedicels < 1 mm ..... C. multinervatus

7' Bracts and bractlets white, with 1–5 green or white veins; pedicels 3–8 mm ..... C. purpurascens

5' Plant woody at base; corolla ± yellow or white; leaf finely dissected, segments generally ± linear

8. Leaf finely hairy; corolla white; umbels ± dense ..... C. aboriginum

8' Leaf glabrous; corolla ± yellow; umbels open

9. Rays generally unequal; calyx lobes persistent; bractlets generally < mature pedicels ..... C. terebinthinus

10. Leaf blade length ± = width; Klamath Ranges, Outer North Coast Ranges, High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, n East of Sierra Nevada ..... var. californicus

10' Leaf blade length >> width; c East of Sierra Nevada ..... var. petraeus

9' Rays ± equal; calyx lobes 0; bractlets > mature pedicels ..... C. panamintensis

11. Leaf segments not crowded, 3–20 mm, flexible ..... var. acutifolius

11' Leaf segments ± crowded, 1–5 mm, rigid ..... var. panamintensis


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