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Perennial herb, glabrous; rhizome internally chambered, sap becoming ± red-brown in air, fibrous- or tuberous-rooted. Stem: erect, hollow. Leaf: blade oblong to triangular-ovate, 1–3-pinnate or ternate-pinnate, leaflets linear to lance-ovate, serrate or irregularly cut. Inflorescence: umbels compound; bracts generally 0; bractlets generally inconspicuous; rays, pedicels many, spreading. Flower: calyx lobes minute; petals wide, white, tips narrowed. Fruit: ovoid to spheric, ± compressed side-to-side; ribs low, corky, occasionally unequally spaced; oil tube 1 per rib-interval; fruit axis divided to base. Seed: face flat or concave.
± 4 species: Eurasia, North America. (Ancient Latin name) TOXIC: the most lethally toxic native plant species. [Lee & Downie 2006 Canad J Bot 84:453–468]
Unabridged references: [Mulligan 1980 Canad J Bot 58:1755–1767]
Unabridged note: Both species below contain cicutoxin, a strong poison; many livestock and human deaths recorded.

Key to Cicuta

1. Fruit generally round, rib width >> intervals between; areas surrounded by veins on abaxial leaf surface rough-textured, generally some elongate ..... C. douglasii

1' Fruit generally ovate, rib width generally <= intervals between; areas surrounded by veins on abaxial leaf surface smooth, generally rounded or square ..... C. maculata

2. Leaf generally 1–2-pinnate; styles < 1 mm; inland ..... var. angustifolia

2' Leaf generally 2-pinnate; styles generally > 1 mm; coastal ..... var. bolanderi


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