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1. Fruit beak (18)20–40(50) mm, long-shaggy-hairy, plumose; sepals 10–17(19) mm wide ..... A. occidentalis

1' Fruit beak <= 6 mm, glabrous to puberulent, not plumose; sepals generally 3.5–15(20) mm wide

2. Leaves generally > 1; leaves, involucre bracts simple or 1–2-ternate, lobed to dissected; plant from tuber or caudex; fruit body densely woolly or silky; sepals <= 10 mm wide

3. Fruit aggregate ellipsoid, (15)20–30 mm; fruit beak soft-puberulent; e Desert Mountains ..... A. tuberosa

3' Fruit aggregate generally spheric, 10–20 mm; fruit beak glabrous; Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada

4. Stamens 80–100; leaf ultimate segments 1–1.5(2) mm wide; involucre bracts ± 2-ternate, in 1 whorl; sepals white to ± blue ..... A. drummondii var. drummondii

4' Stamens 50–80; leaf ultimate segments (1.5)2–3.5(5) mm wide; involucre bracts ± 1-ternate, in (1)2 whorls; sepals green to yellow, blue, purple, or red (white) ..... A. multifida var. multifida

2' Leaves 0–2; leaves, involucre bracts simple or 1-ternate, crenate or serrate to lobed, not dissected; plant from rhizome; fruit body glabrous to puberulent or rough-hairy; sepals 1.5–15(20) mm wide

5. Involucre bracts generally simple, ± sessile; sepals generally 5, (8)10–15(20) mm wide, white; stamens >= 100 ..... A. deltoidea

5' Involucre bracts generally 1-ternate, stalked; sepals generally 5–7, generally 1.5–8 mm wide, blue to purple, ± red, pink, or white; stamens <=75

6. Fruit beak (0.5)1–1.5 mm; sepals 10–20 mm; stamens 30–60(75) ..... A. oregana var. oregana

6' Fruit beak ± 0.5–1 mm; sepals 3.5–15 mm; stamens <= 40

7. Sepals 7–15 mm, 4–8 mm wide; pedicel generally (0.5)3–10 cm in fruit; fruit beak 0.6–1 mm; stamens 25–40 ..... A. grayi

7' Sepals 3.5–8(10) mm, 1.5–3(3.5) mm wide; pedicel 1–3(4) cm in fruit; fruit beak ± 0.5 mm; stamens 10–30(35) ..... A. lyallii


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