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Christopher S. Campbell & Kelly W. Allred

Perennial herb, cespitose. Stem: erect, branched; nodes generally hairy. Leaf: cauline; ligule membranous, minutely ciliate; blade flat or folded. Inflorescence: panicle-like with 2 or more spike-like branches, 1 or compactly clustered, partly enclosed in leaf sheaths; axes breaking apart with age; spikelet sessile, subtended by hairy, naked stalk and axis segment, falling with stalk and axis segment as 1 unit. Spikelet: glumes ± = florets, lanceolate; florets 2, lower vestigial, upper fertile; lemma translucent, awned; palea << lemma or 0; stamens 1–3. Fruit: oblong, ± brown or ± purple.
± 100 species: warm temperate, tropics. (Greek: man beard, from hairy staminate spikelets) [Campbell 2003 FNANM 25:649–664] Some species cultivated for forage, revegetation.
Unabridged references: [1983 J Arnold Arbor 64:171–254]

Key to Andropogon

1. Leaf blade 13–109 cm; ligule > 1 mm; leaf sheath minutely scabrous; lower glume keel scabrous in lower 1/2 ..... A. glomeratus var. scabriglumis

1' Leaf blade 11–52 cm; ligule < 1 mm; leaf sheath glabrous; lower glume keel glabrous in lower 1/2 ..... A. virginicus var. virginicus


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