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1. Spikelets except awns > 4 mm

2. Perennial herb; stem generally > 4.5 dm; glumes, lemma acute ..... A. pratensis

2' Annual; stem generally < 4.5 dm; glumes, lemma acute or obtuse

3. Glumes ciliate on keel near base, glabrous on lateral veins, winged and appearing asymmetrical; anthers > 3.5 mm; inflorescence generally > 7 cm, tapered at both ends; leaf sheaths not inflated ..... A. myosuroides

3' Glumes ciliate on all veins, not winged; anthers < 1.5 mm; inflorescence < 6.5 cm, not tapered; upper leaf sheaths conspicuously inflated ..... A. saccatus (2)

1' Spikelets except awns < 4 mm

4. Awn straight, > lemma by 0–2 mm; perennial herb ..... A. aequalis

5. Inflorescence 3–6 mm wide; glumes 1.8–3 mm; awn > lemma by < 1 mm; anthers 0.5–0.9 mm ..... var. aequalis

5' Inflorescence 4–9 mm wide; glumes 2.7–3.7 mm; awn > lemma by 1–2.5 mm; anthers 0.7–1.2 mm ..... var. sonomensis

4' Awn bent, > lemma by 1.5–5 mm; perennial herb or annual

6. Spikelets > 3 mm; upper leaf sheath conspicuously inflated; awn > lemma by 3–5 mm ..... A. saccatus (2)

6' Spikelets generally < 3 mm; upper leaf sheath not inflated; awn > lemma by 1.5–3.5 mm

7. Annual; anthers < 1 mm ..... A. carolinianus

7' Perennial herb; anthers 1.2–2 mm ..... A. geniculatus


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