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Annual. Stem: generally erect to abruptly bent at base, generally glabrous. Leaf: sheath margins translucent, auricles ciliate; ligule membranous or 0; blade 1.5–15 cm, 1.5–5 mm wide, flat, spreading. Inflorescence: 1.5–11(15) cm, spike-like, cylindric or wider at base, ± open to dense; spikelets 2-ranked, 1 per node, basal generally vestigial, distal spikelets also generally reduced; breaking away as a single unit or in sections with axis segments attached. Fertile spikelet: generally not compressed, 5–15 mm; glumes thick, hard, 3 ± veined, tips generally toothed or 1–5-awned; florets 2–5[8]; lemma similar to glumes or firmer, toothed or 1–3-awned at tip; palea papery, 2-keeled. Distal spikelet: 2–5 mm, similar or not to fertile spikelet, generally sterile.
21–23 species: Mediterranean, sw¢ral Asia. (Greek, preferred by goats, or Latin, a sweet-fruited oak) [Saufferer 2007 FNANM 24:261–267] Interfertile with Triticum and perhaps not distinct from it. Aegilops tauschii Coss. is reported from a single occurrence in Riverside Co., doubtfully naturalized.
Unabridged references: [Kimber & Feldman 1987 Spec Rep 353 Coll Agric Univ Missouri-Columbia; van Slageren 1994 Wageningen Agric Univ Pap 94(7):513 pp.]

Key to Aegilops

1. Spikelets narrowly cylindrical; glumes of fertile spikelets 1-awned or long-toothed ..... A. cylindrica

1' Spikelets lance-ovate to urn-shaped; glumes of fertile spikelets 2–5-awned

2. Distal spikelets > 7 mm; fertile lemmas 2–3-toothed, 1 occasionally extended as awn to 10 mm ..... A. triuncialis

2' Distal spikelets 2–5 mm; fertile lemmas with 2–3 awns to 40 mm

3. Basal vestigial spikelets 1(2); spikelets gradually narrowing distally ..... [A. geniculata, including A. ovata]

3' Basal vestigial spikelets 3(2); lower spikelets ± ovate, upper abruptly ± oblong ..... A. neglecta


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