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1. Nodal spines 0

2. Hypanthium disk- or saucer-shaped, barely exceeding ovary

3. Leaves evergreen, lobes 0 or very shallow; sw Peninsular Ranges, s Channel Islands (Santa Catalina Island) ..... R. viburnifolium

3' Leaves deciduous, lobes deep; mainland

4. Ovary, fruit, leaf blade abaxially with stalked glands; stem spreading or decumbent ..... R. laxiflorum

4' Ovary, fruit, leaf blade abaxially with sessile glands; stem ± erect

5. Sepals green; North Coast, w Klamath Ranges, Outer North Coast Ranges ..... R. bracteosum

5' Sepals white; n Modoc Plateau ..... R. hudsonianum var. petiolare

2' Hypanthium cup- to tube-shaped, clearly exceeding ovary

6. Sepals yellow ..... R. aureum

7. Flower odor spicy; petals yellow turning orange; sepals 5–8 mm ..... var. aureum

7' Flower odor 0; petals yellow turning deep red; sepals 3–4 mm ..... var. gracillimum

6' Sepals white or white-green to pink, red, or purple

8. Anther tip rounded or blunt, with cup-like depression

9. Hypanthium < 2 × longer than wide; stamens inserted at level of petals; fruit black to glaucous ..... R. viscosissimum

9' Hypanthium > 2 × longer than wide; stamens inserted below level of petals; fruit red ..... R. cereum

10. Bract tip ± truncate, with several prominent teeth, sides entire; styles generally hairy ..... var. cereum

10' Bract tip acute, each side with 1–3 shallow teeth; styles glabrous ..... var. inebrians

8' Anther tip rounded, blunt, or shallowly notched, without cup-like depression

11. Styles glabrous at base

12. Sepals erect; hypanthium ± as long as wide ..... R. nevadense

12' Sepals spreading; hypanthium longer than wide ..... R. sanguineum

13. Inflorescence pendent; sepals pink to white ..... var. glutinosum

13' Inflorescence erect to spreading; sepals red ..... var. sanguineum

11' Styles hairy, at least at base

14. Hypanthium wider than long; styles free; inflorescence spike- or head-like, dense ..... R. canthariforme

14' Hypanthium ± longer than wide; styles fused at least in basal 1/2; inflorescence a raceme, open

15. Hypanthium white, barely longer than wide ..... R. indecorum

15' Hypanthium pink, ± 2 × longer than wide ..... R. malvaceum

16. Leaf blade adaxially dull olive-green ..... var. malvaceum

16' Leaf blade adaxially bright green ..... var. viridifolium

1' Nodal spines present (sometimes 0 on some shoots)

17. Inflorescence generally > 5-flowered; hypanthium disk- or saucer-shaped; pedicel jointed to ovary

18. Leaf hairs 0 or sparse, nonglandular; fruit black ..... R. lacustre

18' Leaf glandular-hairy; fruit orange-red ..... R. montigenum

17' Inflorescence < 5-flowered; hypanthium cup- to tube-shaped; pedicel not jointed to ovary

19. Sepals 4, erect ..... R. speciosum

19' Sepals 5, spreading or reflexed

20. Anthers not exceeding petals

21. Stem low, spreading; internode bristles glandular ..... R. tularense

21' Stem erect or arched; internode bristles 0

22. Ovary hairs conspicuous, short and long, glandular and not ..... R. velutinum (2)

22' Ovary hairs generally 0 or inconspicuous, generally short, generally nonglandular

23. Hypanthium ± as long as wide – dry interior mountain slopes, 700–2500 m ..... R. velutinum (2)

23' Hypanthium longer than wide

24. Hypanthium > 3 mm; fruit red; subalpine, alpine mountain tops, 2100–3100 m ..... R. lasianthum

24' Hypanthium < 3 mm; fruit black; rocky slopes, oak-covered foothills, chaparral, < 1350 m ..... R. quercetorum

20' Anthers exceeding petals

25. Styles hairy at least at base

26. Calyx purple to green; filaments exceeding petals by > 3 mm ..... R. divaricatum

27. Petals pink or red; styles 8–11 mm ..... var. parishii

27' Petals white; styles 5–8 mm ..... var. pubiflorum

26' Calyx green-white, purple at base or not; filaments exceeding petals by < 2 mm ..... R. inerme

28. Leaf hairs 0 to sparse, short, soft; sepal hairs 0 ..... var. inerme

28' Leaf hairs sparse to dense, long, soft to stiff; sepal hairs soft ..... var. klamathense

25' Styles glabrous at base

29. Petals bright yellow, abaxially deeply concave, tip hooded ..... R. marshallii

29' Petals white to pink, flat or abaxially shallowly concave or margins curled inward, nearly touching or not, tip not hooded

30. Petals flat or abaxially shallowly concave; stem low, spreading ..... R. binominatum

30' Petal margins curled inward, nearly touching or not; stem ± erect

31. Anthers oblong, tips blunt or rounded; styles ± not exceeding anthers

32. Anthers slightly longer than wide when dehisced, with sessile glands abaxially; internodal bristles 0 ..... R. lobbii

32' Anthers much longer than wide when dehisced, glabrous; internodal bristles present ..... R. sericeum

31' Anthers lanceolate to ovate, tips acute or mucronate; styles exceeding anthers

33. Leaf blade abaxially glandular

34. Internodal bristles 0; hypanthium longer than wide ..... R. amarum

34' Internodal bristles present; hypanthium generally ± as long as wide

35. Sepals green-white; fruit yellow ..... R. victoris

35' Sepals purple; fruit purple ..... R. menziesii

36. Leaves strongly aromatic – s Sierra Nevada Foothills ..... var. ixoderme

36' Leaves not strongly aromatic ..... var. menziesii

33' Leaf blade abaxially nonglandular

37. Hypanthium ± as long as wide ..... R. californicum

38. Leaf hairs 0 or sparse; filaments > 2 × petals ..... var. californicum

38' Leaf hairy; filaments ± = to barely > petals ..... var. hesperium

37' Hypanthium longer than wide

39. Sepals ± pink, spreading; n Channel Islands (Santa Cruz Island) ..... R. thacherianum

39' Sepals purple, reflexed; mainland ..... R. roezlii

40. Hypanthium, leaf blade abaxially glabrous ..... var. cruentum

40' Hypanthium, leaf blade abaxially hairy or densely white-hairy

41. Hypanthium, leaf blade abaxially densely white-hairy ..... var. amictum

41' Hypanthium, leaf blade abaxially hairy ..... var. roezlii


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