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1. Pistillate pedicel 0.5–1(3) mm; ovary generally 3-lobed, generally 3-chambered; styles generally 3; filaments glabrous; leaves generally alternate – se Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert ..... T. hallii

1' Pistillate pedicel 6–15 mm; ovary generally 4-lobed, 4-(5-)chambered; styles generally 4; filaments soft-hairy at base; leaves opposite or whorled in 3s

2. Leaf blade linear to narrow-oblanceolate, entire or sparsely fine-toothed; s South Coast (San Diego Co.), w Peninsular Ranges ..... T. dioicus

2' Leaf blade lanceolate to ovate or wide-elliptic, sharp-toothed; n Desert Mountains (Grapevine Mtns, Panamint Range) ..... T. ilicifolius


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