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Brian Vanden Heuvel & Richard Lis

Shrub, small tree, evergreen. Stem: trunk < 80 cm diam; bark generally gray to red-brown; twigs short. Leaf: generally clustered, simple; stipules deltate to lanceolate, generally deciduous; blade ± thin to leathery, entire to toothed. Inflorescence: clusters, flowers 1–18. Flower: hypanthium funnel-like, tube persistent in fruit, rim cup-like, deciduous, bractlets 0; petals 0; stamens 10–46, in ± 3 rows on hypanthium rim, anthers glabrous or hairy; pistil 1, free from hypanthium tube, ovary superior, 1-ovuled, style terminal, persistent in fruit, straight or twisted in age, plumose. Fruit: achene, cylindric, hairy, included in hypanthium tube.
11 species: western North America, Mexico. (Greek: tailed fruit) [Lis 1992 Int J Plant Sci 153:258–272]

Key to Cercocarpus

1. Leaf blade entire; anthers glabrous ..... C. ledifolius

2. Leaf blade generally 3–10 mm, margin inrolled to midrib; plants highly branched ..... var. intricatus

2' Leaf blade 10–30 mm, margin flat to inrolled but not to midrib; plants moderately branched

3. Leaf oblanceolate to lance-elliptic, (3)9(11) mm wide, abaxially glabrous to sparsely woolly, midrib, veins visible ..... var. intermontanus

3' Leaf narrow-lanceolate, 2–5(7) mm wide, abaxially densely woolly, midrib, veins obscure ..... var. ledifolius

1' Leaf blade toothed to crenate; anthers hairy

4. Leaf leathery, abaxially white-woolly — s Channel Islands (Santa Catalina Island) ..... C. traskiae

4' Leaf not leathery, abaxially ± sparsely hairy

5. Leaf thin, abaxial areoles glabrous — Peninsular Ranges (Riverside, San Diego cos.) ..... C. minutiflorus

5' Leaf thin to thick, abaxial areoles sparsely hairy ..... C. betuloides

6. Leaf blade generally 10–27(40) mm, < 15 mm wide ..... var. betuloides

6' Leaf blade generally (20)27–70 mm, > 15 mm wide

7. Leaf wide- to oblong-ovate, base rounded; flowers, fruits generally 1–6(12) ..... var. blancheae

7' Leaf obovate, base tapered; flowers, fruits 1–3 ..... var. macrourus


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