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Christopher S. Campbell

Shrub, small tree. Stem: bark gray- to red-brown; overwintering buds ovate to lanceolate, ± red to ± purple. Leaf: simple, deciduous; stipules deciduous. Inflorescence: raceme, cluster (panicle), flowers 3–16+; pedicel bractlets generally 1–2. Flower: hypanthium bell- to urn-shaped, bractlets 0; sepals persistent; petals erect to spreading, white (suffused with red); stamens ± 10–20; ovary inferior, 2–5-chambered, styles 2–5. Fruit: pome of 2–5 papery segments, berry-like, generally spheric, generally blue-black.
± 25 species: temperate North America, Eurasia, northern Africa. (Latin: from old French common name) Fruit of some species used by Native Americans for food.
Unabridged references: [Jones 1946 Illinois Biol Monogr 20:1–126]
Unabridged note: Variation in Amelanchier in western North America not studied as extensively as in eastern North America, where hybridization, polyploidy, and apomixis have contributed to considerable taxonomic complexity (Campbell & Wright 1996 Folia Geobot Phytotax 31:345–354;

Key to Amelanchier

1. Leaf finely hairy abaxially in fruit; twigs glabrous (n Desert Mountains) to generally white-hairy; styles 2–4(5) ..... A. utahensis

1' Leaf glabrous abaxially in fruit; twigs glabrous; styles 4–5 ..... A. alnifolia

2. Ovary top glabrous; petals 8–12 mm; leaf glabrous or occasionally sparsely hairy abaxially in flower; fruit 8–9 mm diam ..... var. pumila

2' Ovary top generally hairy; petals 12–15 mm; leaf finely or occasionally densely hairy abaxially in flower; fruit 10–13 mm diam ..... var. semiintegrifolia


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