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Genevieve J. Kline

Perennial herb, finely glandular. Stem: 1–several, erect, rhizomed. Leaf: odd–1-pinnate; leaflets evenly toothed, generally alternately large, small. Inflorescence: spike-like raceme, terminal, often also axillary; pedicel bractlets 2, near tip, fused at base. Flower: hypanthium stalk 1–2 mm, reflexed in fruit, bractlets 0; petals ± elliptic to ± obovate [or otherwise], yellow; stamens 5–15; pistils 2, ovary superior, continuous to style at top. Fruit: hypanthium obconic to cup-shaped, hard, ridged, rim with 3–5 rows of spreading hooked bristles; sepal tips converged inward, with hypanthium generally encasing 1 achene.
± 20 species: generally northern temperate, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina. (Greek: eye disease, from former use as cure) [Kline & Sorensen 2008 Brittonia 60:11–33]

Key to Agrimonia

1. Stem, lower inflorescence axis with nonglandular hairs of 1 kind: coarse, straight; stipule outer margins toothed or lobed above middle; flowers alternate throughout raceme; hypanthium with short-stalked glands ..... A. gryposepala

1' Stem, lower inflorescence axis with nonglandular hairs of 2 kinds: soft, shaggy and coarse, straight; stipule outer margins entire above middle; flowers ± opposite at raceme middle, above; hypanthium with coarse nonglandular hairs ..... A. striata


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