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B.H. Macmillan & Barbara Ertter

Perennial herb, nonglandular. Leaf: generally ± basal, odd-1-pinnate; leaflets ± evenly toothed to lobed. Inflorescence: dense spike or head; pedicel bractlets 0. Flower: hypanthium ± obconic, bractlets leaf-like to linear; sepals generally 4; petals 0; stamens 2 or 4, opposite sepals; pistils 1(2), ovary superior, continuous to style at top, stigma many-branched, exserted from hypanthium. Fruit: hypanthium ± hardened, encasing elliptic achenes; prickles generally 4–many, generally barbed.
± 45 species: especially southern hemisphere. (Greek: thorn, from fruit)
Unabridged references: [Webb et al. 1988 Flora of New Zealand Vol 4]

Key to Acaena

1. Inflorescence a spike; hypanthium prickles in fruit > 4, longest generally 1–3 mm, ± throughout; plant from ± woody, branched caudex; leaflets pinnately dissected ..... A. pinnatifida var. californica

1' Inflorescence a head; hypanthium prickles in fruit 4, longest 7.5–15 mm, ± on top; plant from stolons; leaflets toothed

2. Hypanthium in fruit with longest prickle 7.5–12 mm, without vestigial prickles below top; stem 1–2 mm diam; leaflets dull, smooth adaxially, generally ± glaucous abaxially ..... A. novae-zelandiae

2' Hypanthium in fruit with longest prickle 9–15 mm, generally with a few vestigial prickles below top; stem 2–3 mm diam; leaflets shiny, wrinkled adaxially, pale with uneven wax layer abaxially ..... A. pallida


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