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1. Leaf tip spine-like; bud 1–2.5 cm; seed cone bract exserted 1.5–4.5 cm ..... A. bracteata

1' Leaf tip notched, blunt, or acute; bud < 1 cm; seed cone bract included or exserted < 1 cm

2. Leaf adaxially without ± white bands

3. Twig leaves 2-ranked, alternating shorter and longer on each side ..... A. grandis

3' Twig leaves not 2-ranked, often crowded on upper side, ± equal throughout

4. Leaf < 3 cm, dark green; bark ash-gray; twig ± hairy; Klamath Ranges ..... A. amabilis

4' Leaf 3–9 cm, blue-green; bark white-gray in youth, gray-brown to ± black in age; twig glabrous; Klamath Ranges, North Coast Ranges, High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, Tehachapi Mountain Area, Transverse Ranges, Peninsular Ranges, Modoc Plateau, n East of Sierra Nevada, Desert Mountains ..... A. concolor

2' Leaf adaxially with ± white bands

5. Leaf ± flat; seed cone bract included ..... A. lasiocarpa var. lasiocarpa

5' Leaf ± 3- or 4-angled (± flat on coneless twigs or not); seed cone bract included or exserted

6. Seed cone bracts included ..... A. magnifica var. magnifica

6' Seed cone bracts exserted

7. Seed cone bract awns < bract body ..... A. magnifica var. shastensis

7' Seed cone bract awns > bract body ..... A. procera


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