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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Leaf: generally opposite or whorled; base, tip generally tapered. Inflorescence: head-like cyme subtended by showy bracts, open cyme not subtended by bracts, or umbel subtended by non-showy bracts. Fruit: stone 1–2-chambered.
± 50 species: northern temperate, rare southern hemisphere; many cultivated as ornamental, some for fall color; some fruit used for jam, syrup. (Latin: horn, from the hard wood) [Murrell 1993 Syst Bot 18:469–495] Divided by some into 6 or more genera.

Key to Cornus

1. Inflorescence open, not head- or umbel-like, generally appearing with or after leaves, not subtended by bracts

2. Leaf blade generally 2–5 cm, veins 3–4 pairs ..... C. glabrata

2' Leaf blade generally 5–10 cm, veins 4–7 pairs ..... C. sericea

3. Leaf generally dense-rough-hairy abaxially; petals 3–4.5 mm; stone generally 3-ridged on faces ..... subsp. occidentalis

3' Leaf generally ± glabrous to strigose abaxially; petals 2–3 mm; stone generally smooth on faces ..... subsp. sericea

1' Inflorescence head- or umbel-like, generally appearing before leaves, subtended by 4–7 showy or ± non-showy bracts

4. Inflorescence bracts 4, ± not showy, ± brown, generally with yellow margins, ephemeral ..... C. sessilis

4' Inflorescence bracts 4–7, showy, ± white, persistent

5. Perennial herb, rhizomed; inflorescence bracts 4, 0.8–1.6 cm; fruit ± 8 mm, spheric ..... C. canadensis

5' Shrub, tree, not rhizomed; inflorescence bracts 4–7, 4–6 cm; fruit 10–15 mm, elliptic ..... C. nuttallii


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