Other Trips

These professors are WANTED for the education of biological students in EVOLUTION and

Taking time out for a beach
stroll and discussion in Mendocino. (L to R) Bruce Baldwin, Brent Mishler, Tom Bruns.

Playing Soccer 1996.

Thanksgiving, 1994
L to R: Steffen Schaffer, Carmine Colacino, Brent & Carol Mishler, Doaa & Mostafa Mansi

Group of bryologists at UC Berkeley (June, 1995)
L to R: Brian Speer, Terry O'Brien, Clay Newberry, Efrain De Luna, Angela Newton, John McMurray, Barbara Crangall-Stotler, Ray Stotler, Alison Withey, Mostafa Mansi, Brent Mishler, Jaakko Hyvönen.

1996 BBQ
L to R: Haji Mohamed, Mostafa Mansi.

Brent disguses himself while on the hunt, sneaking up on unsuspecting mosses!
Moorea, French Polynesia, 1994.

1996 University and Jepson Herbaria Picnic at Rod Park's Ranch in Sonoma County. Delicious food, good socializing, and great botanizing!

Collecting Tortula on Mt. Vesuvius, Naples, Italy. July 1995.

Patricia getting friendly with the natives.
Andes Mountains, South America.

Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies. 1995.
L to R: Clay Newberry, Ben Mishler, Brent Mishler.

Sierra Nevada. May 1994.
L to R: Clay Newberry, Mostafa Mansi, John McMurray, Brian Speer.

Heinar Streimann and Brent Mishler at the outskirts of Mossman, Queensland, Australia. July, 1998.