Public classes

In 1994, the Friends of the Jepson Herbarium began a program to provide educational opportunities for a broad audience of professional and amateur botanists. The Jepson Herbarium's educational program continues to grow as we add additional workshops and classes. The program serves as a liaison between the scientific community and the interested public. We remain dedicated to that role.
A complete listing of our public classes and registration information

University courses taught by members of the Herbaria staff

Undergraduate student training

A variety of studies are possible. Tony Morosco worked with Dr. Barbara Ertter on learning herbarium techniques and formatting Dr. Ertter's "Flora of East Bay Checklist" for publication, as well on developing a recovery plan for the critically rare plant Potentilla hickmanii. Martha Burford worked with Dr. Brent Mishler on herbarium techniques and the flora of Moorea in French Polynesia; Sandy Wu and Philip Kwok worked with Dr. Mishler in the lab on molecular systematics of mosses. Daisuke Nakabayashi, an undergraduate student majoring in Anthropology/ Archaeology, worked with Dr. Baldwin on exploring electronic publication possibilities for The Jepson Manual. If you are interested in undergraduate research, contact Dr. Mishler for further information at bmishler@socrates.berkeley.edu

Graduate student training

Dr. Brent Mishler supervises six graduate students who are studying systematics of various moss, liverwort, and fern groups: John W. McMurray, Kirsten Fisher, Anya Hinkle, Carrine Blank, Ruth Kirkpatric, Vicente Garcia, Anna Larsen, Eric Harris.

Dr. Bruce Baldwin supervises three graduate students in the Department of Integrative Biology: Raymund Chan, Staci Markos, and Doug Stone.

For information about admission to the Department of Integrative Biology, contact Gwen Johnson at gwen@uclink.berkeley.edu or see the UC Berkeley Student page.

Postdoctoral training

Present and past post-docs and research associates
Dr. Katarina Andreasen
Dr. Steven Jessup
Dr. Joongku Lee
Dr. Dean Kelch
Dr. Pablo Vargas
Dr. Linda Ann Vorobik
Dr. John Wheeler

Seminars and Symposia

The staff of the Herbaria participate with graduate students in several discussion groups in Integrative Biology and the other museums, and consult frequently with a number of systematics graduate students across the university. We host a weekly "Botany Lunch" series in the herbaria, an informal brown-bag series in our lunchroom open to everybody, but especially the various botanical labs and groups on campus. It has worked out well to bring colleagues together from different departments and into intellectual contact with the graduate students. To be added to the electronic mailing list for Botany Lunch notices, contact Dr. Mishler at bmishler@socrates.berkeley.edu

As part of the consortium called the Berkeley Natural History Museums, the Herbaria help to present lecture series designed for the general public.

The Herbaria also sponsor scientific meetings from time to time. Past events include:

Current status of the phylogeny of the charophyte green algae and the embryophytes Held at the University of California, Berkeley, June 24-28, 1995

Endangered Languages, Endangered Knowledge, Endangered Environments An Interdisciplinary Working Conference held at the University of California at Berkeley, October 25-27, 1996

SF Bay Area Site Stewardship Fair and Evening Talk, "Biodiversity and Stewardship: Our Common Responsibility" by Dr. Peter Raven, April 21, 1998