Moorea Digital Floral Project

The Moorea Digital Flora Project (MDFP) began in 1999 as a checklist of the flora of the Richard B. Gump South Pacific Research Station...

The Green Tree of Life

Reconstructing relationships   of green plants with genomics

The MossCam Project

The world's first remote-sensing project on moss ecology is now available online

Plants Without Water

Mel Oliver and eight other researchers hope to uncover the genes and mechanisms by which Tortula ruralis and other desiccation tolerant plants regenerate after extreme drought. The understanding of such mechanisms might allow the genetic engineering of drought resistant crops and plants.

Deep Gene

Deep Gene is an NSF funded research project geared towards the integration of plant phyogenetics and plant genomics. A new web site for the project has been unveiled, and is avaiable on the web at:

"Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination" Group (NSF - Deep Green)

A five-year effort to reconstruct the evolutionary relationships among all green plants has resulted in the most complete "tree of life" of any group of living things on the planet, including animals.

"Monographic Research in the moss family Calymperaceae" (NSF - PEET)

PEET involves a particular bryophyte study group, the moss family Calymperaceae. PEET's three main goals: (1) Train students in the full breadth of systematic techniques; (2) Provide useful monographs of important groups; (3) Address issues of theoretical and conceptual interest in biogeography and evolutionary diversification.

California Biodiversity Center (CBC)

The California Biodiversity Center is a new organization combining the Berkeley Natural History Museums and the Berkeley Natural History Field Stations. A new web site for the center is available online at:

Dennis Wall's Dissertation Phylomonograph

Dennis Wall completed this dissertation monograph October 24, 2001. Dennis also gave a talk to students and professors of the Integrative Biology Department on the 25th. He is currently working on an NSF postdoctorate fellowship with Stadnford and Yale in bioinformatics.

His Phylomonograph is available at: