Andy Murdock

General Interests:

Current Projects:

Systematics of marattioid ferns (Dissertation Research)
My dissertation research is focusing on the marattioid ferns, an early-branching lineage of the ferns with no close living relatives. I am in the process of constructing the first sequence-based phylogeny of the lineage using plants collected by myself in the field and sent to me from all over the world. More detail available on the Dissertation page.
Green Tree of Life
I am currently working with the NSF funded Green Tree of Life project 1) compiling a comprehensive morphological matrix for land plants, and 2) assembling and annotating whole chloroplast and mitochondrial genome sequences for select target taxa across the green tree of life.
Flora of the Carquinez Strait Region
I am in the final year of this project with collaborator Dean Kelch collecting and writing the flora of the Carquinez Strait Region, a nearby but surprisingly under-botanized area.
Moorea Digital Flora Project
An ongoing project with collaborator Anya Hinkle, the Moorea Digital Flora Project is an online resource on the flora of Moorea, French Polynesia, where UC Berkeley has a field station, the Richard B. Gump South Pacific Research Station