Principles of Phylogenetics: Ecology and Evolution

Integrative Biology 200B, University of California, Berkeley


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Spring 1998 meeting time: Tu-Th, 12:30 - 3:30 pm, room 4110 VLSB
(lab meets sometimes in the computer room, 3056 VLSB)

IB 200B focuses on the use of an historical framework in answering ecological and evolutionary questions.  This course covers the many applications of phylogenetics to ecology, behavior, development, functional morphology, populational genetics, conservation, biogeogeography, and speciation that are revolutionizing those fields.  Labs are closely integrated with lectures and cover the major algorithms and software.  Requirements include participation in discussion, two exams, and a term project. This project is an important practical experience; we allow (in fact, encourage) students to focus on organisms that they are studying for their thesis or other research.

IB 200B is taught every other Spring semester and alternates with IB 200A "Principles of Phylogenetics: Systematics." Both are meant for graduate students and advanced undergraduates.  IB 200A covers the core theory and methodology for comparative biology: phylogenetic analysis with emphases on both morphology and molecules, and both living and fossil organisms--to be offered spring 2000! Check it out.

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