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Science Magazine June 13th, 2003 (archived)
Thus for plant taxonomists the next 5 years promise to be a data gold rush. Several other projects, independently funded but interconnected, are delving into less well- covered aspects of the field. One, called Deep Gene, will help plant experts make use of plant genomics information and vice versa...
Daily Californian November 21st, 2002 (archived)
A new grant will fund research to help reconstruct the evolutionary relationships of green plants using comparative genomics. This research is part of a nation-wide collaborative effort involving 6 universities. Through its new "Assembling the Tree of Life" program, the National Science Foundation is hoping to stimulate a detailed reconstruction of the phylogeny of all living things, to better understand the history of life and advance human needs including discovery of new drugs, tracking pathogens, and conservation of biodiversity. For more details see brochure online (warning, a 2.5M PDF file).
National Geographic June 4th, 2001 (archived)
A news brief about the evolution of all multicellular land plants from only one lineage of algae, even though three other algal lineages made the transition from water to land. Commentary by UC Berkeley's Brent Mishler and Louisiana State's Russell Chapman.
The Advocate ONLINE  May 29, 2001 (archived)
Article on Cephaleuros, Magnolias, and Deep Green/Deep Gene by Marlene Naanes
The Scientist 15[5]:12,  March 5, 2001 (archived) *** you need to be registered with the Scientist to view this article ***
'Deep Gene' and 'Deep Time' Evolving collaborations parse the plant family tree  by Barry A. Palevitz
Financial Times  March 3, 2001 (archived)
The Nature of Things: A project to unravel the ancestry of today's flora has produced a surprise  by Clive Cookson
Science Online February 19, 2001 (archived) ** you need to be registered with Science Online to view this article ***
Invasions of the Algae; green algae and Deep Gene, by Jay Withgott
UNISCI - International Science News February 19, 2001 (archived)
"The highly successful Deep Green project to construct a "tree of life" for the green plants has ended, but it has seeded new projects to strengthen the branches and root the tree more firmly in new genetic and fossil data
UC Berkeley Press Release  February 16, 2001 (archived)
Deep Green spawns Deep Gene and Deep Time... by Robert Sanders
NSF News January 31, 2001 (archived)
Scientists Shake Up "Family Tree" of Green Plants

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