"From the genome to the tree of life"
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name institution
Bharathan, Geeta State University of New York
Buchheim, Mark University of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Chapman, Russ Louisiana State University
Delwiche, Charles & Lab University of Maryland - College Park
Doebley, John :: Lab site University of Wisconsin
Kellogg, Toby :: Lab site University of Missouri-St. Louis
Lewandowski, Jeff University of Maryland - College Park
Mishler, Brent :: Lab site University of California, Berkeley
Noel, Joseph P. Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Oliver, Melvin USDA-ARS, Lubbock
Preuss, Daphne & Lab The University of Chicago
Pryer, Kathleen & Lab Chicago Field Museum
Qiu, Yin-Long University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Soltis, Douglas & Pamela Lab University of Florida, Gainsville
Sommerville, Chris Carnegie Institution and Stanford University
Somerville, Shauna Carnegie Institution and Stanford University
Tanksley, Steve Cornell University
Vision, Todd :: Lab site University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Walbot, Virginia :: Lab site Stanford University
Wojciechowski, Martin Arizona State University
Wolf, Paul Utah State University
Zimmer, Elizabeth :: Lab site Smithsonian Institution

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