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Deep Gene Student Research Training Support

The Deep Gene Research Coordination Group exists to integrate green plant phylogenetics and genomics. We want to explore the ways in which comparative phylogenetic studies can inform functional genomic studies, and knowledge of plant genomes can inform the understanding of phylogenetic relationships. With the support of the National Science Foundation (Grant DEB-0090227), the group is supporting research training of students (both undergraduate and graduate), The goal is "cross-training" -- enabling students to work in a laboratory other than their home lab, preferably moving between genomics and phylogenetics or vice-versa. Supported are (1) rotations between different labs at the same insitution or at different institutions, (2) summer internships, (3) participation in approriate training courses. Awards will apply towards travel and living expenses; the host laboratory is expected to provide necessary training, equipment, and supplies. Awards will range from $2,000 - $3,000 for 2-3 month periods. Awardees will be expected to participate in future Deep Gene meetings.

To apply, please send the following to Brent Mishler at (electronic submissions only) : a one-page description of your background, research interests, & plans, a short CV, have your host professor email approval of your visit to his/her lab, and have your major professor email a brief endorsement of your application and need for the financial support.

When making awards, a balance will be maintained between different research areas, labs, and regions of the country. Applications from under-represented groups are especially encouraged (please self-identify in your application).

There is no deadline for submission, but early applications are best because only limited funds are available each year.

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