an invitation to a:

Deep Gene RCN Workshop

to be held Thursday, August 16th, 2001
at the BSA meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hyatt Regency 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM in 'Fiesta 4'

This workshop is open to all interested people, but only by reservation. Please contact Brent Mishler to be included.

The BSA past-president's plenary symposium, organized by Doug Soltis, to be held Monday morning August 13th on: "Functional and comparative genomics: Evolutionary implications" will be a fine public outreach for these ideas. In addition, we will have a smaller-group discussion/ workshop all day Thursday, August 16th for our RCN group designed to introduce and educate systematists and evolutionary biologists about the tools and data from genomics. We also will have a joint session with the Deep Time RCN group to begin to include paleobotanists in these areas.

Tentative Agenda:

8:00 Gather in room for coffee and informal conversation
8:30 Introduction to the day; logistics
8:45 Once around the room for self-introductions and brief statements of current research interests (3 informal minutes per person, please )
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Background on Deep Green and the Deep Gene RCN program;mention of Deep Time
11:00 Practical goals of the project for this year; activities,workshops, fellowships, web site, K-12 training, internationalization efforts, etc. General discussion
12:00 Lunch in room -- informal discussion

Scientific goals of the project; break into four smaller groups to separately consider the following general questions:

  • what are the most promising sources of evidence from genomics for phylogenetics?
  • what are the most promising uses of phylogenies in studies of functional genomics/development /physiology/biochemistry
2:30 Get back together as a whole to share answers; final
discussion. Where should we go from here?
3:00 Break; afternoon coffee, coke, snacks

Meet with Deep Time RCN group in joint session, consider such joint scientific & logistic issues as:

  • how can fossil and morphological data be integrated with molecular data in "total evidence" phylogenetic analyses?
  • how can fossils be used to calibrate molecular clocks?
  • how can paleobotanical data inform our understanding of function in extant plants?
  • how can these two RCNs work together to further joint goals?
5:00 End Discussions
7:00 Informal dinner with Deep Time (location TBA)

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