Deep Gene Student Travel Awards Recipients
"From the genome to the tree of life"

The 16 recipients of a 2002 Deep Gene Student Travel Award are:

  • Liying Cui (Penn State; Distribution of plant transcription factors in protein and EST databases)

  • Dave Des Marais (Duke; Phylogeography of the moss genus Timmiella (Pottiaceae; Musci)

  • Romey Haberle (U. Texas; chloroplast genome in Trachelium caeruleum, Campanulaceae)

  • Sangtae Kim (U. Florida; evolution and the phylogeny of early-diverging angiosperms)

  • Jeff Lewandowski (U. Maryland; Actin phylogeny in the Charophyta)

  • Juan M. Lopez-Bautista (U. Louisiana; phylogenetic relationships in the Trentepohliales)

  • Hilary McManus (U. Conn; phylogeny of the Chlorophcaean algae Pediastrum and Hydrodictyon)

  • Joel McNeal (Penn State; Molecular systematics and chloroplast genome evolution of the parasitic plant Cuscuta)

  • Jordan S. Metzgar (Cornell; the Appalachian Asplenium Complex)

  • Jun Park (U. Penn; phylogenetics of the conjugating green algae (Zygnematales))

  • Hardeep Rai (U. Alberta; a multigene study of conifer phylogenetics)

  • Tracey Slotta (Virginia Tech; comparing nuclear and chloroplast non-coding regions in phylogenetics of Iliamn, Malvaceae)

  • Bill Speer (Utah State; Equisetum phylogeny)

  • Andrea Sweigart (Duke; Mating system and patterns of nucleotide diversity in Mimulus)

  • Terri Weese (BYU; evo-devo, phylogeny, and taxonomy within Polemoniaceae)

  • Brian Wysor (U. Louisiana, Lafayette; phylogeny of Cladophoralean algae)
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