Updated list of BABS members
(last updated March 14, 2006)
As there is no good way of updating the list for members who leave, we're suspending additions to this list. The previous list is at here.

Rolf L. Aalbu, California Academy of Sciences
raalbu AT akisconsulting.com
"Systematics, Biology and Conservation of Tenebrionidae on a global basis."

Jeffrey Boore, UC Berkeley, Berkeley Lab, Joint Genome Institute, Genome Project Solutions
jlboore AT berkeley.edu
"Evolution of the genome, metazoan systematics, organelle genome evolution"

Sarane T. Bowen, San Francisco State University
"teaching, research on Artemia"

Matt Brandley, UC Berkeley
brandley AT berkeley.edu
"Lizard phylogenetics and systematics, phylogenetic methods and theory"

Michael Dawson, UC Davis
mndawson AT ucdavis.edu
"Comparative biology, ecology, evolution, phylogeography, population genetics, and systematics involving marine animals."

James A. Doyle, UC Davis
jadoyle AT ucdavis.edu
"Paleobotany, phylogeny, and evolution of angiosperms, especially Annonaceae and Chloranthaceae; integration of morphological, fossil, and molecular data."

Robert Dudley, UC-Berkeley
wings AT socrates.berkeley.edu
"Physiology, biomechanics, and evolution of animal flight."

Peter W. Fritsch, California Academy of Sciences
pfritsch AT calacademy.org
"My specialty is the systematics and evolution of groups in the flowering plant order Ericales. My current focus is Styracaceae and Symplocaceae, and have further interest in other groups (e.g., Clethraceae, Gaultheria of Ericaceae). I also lead a project team in western Yunnan Province, China to intensively sample and document the region's rich biodiversity."

Vicente Garcia, UC Berkeley
vicente AT berkeley.edu
"Systematics, biogeography, and floral evolution of Piper (Piperaceae)"

Elihu M. Gerson, Tremont Research Institute
emg AT tremontresearch.org
"Sociology, history, philosophy of evolutionary biology and natural history"

Rosemary Gillespie, UC Berkeley
gillespi AT nature.berkeley.edu
"My research focuses on understanding evolutionary processes, primarily using spiders. My work is based largely on islands, particularly remote hotspot islands of the Pacific. "

Sylvia Hope, California Academy of Sciences
shope AT calacademy.org
"Systematics of Corvidae, basal systematics of Neornithes, modern birds in the Late Cretaceous and early Paleogene (Aves)"

David H. Kavanaugh, California Academy of Sciences
dkavanaugh AT calacademy.org
systematics and biogeography of Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae; evolution and ecology of life at high latitudes and altitudes

Dean Kelch, UC Berkeley
dkelch AT sscl.berkeley.edu
"Phylogenetic systematics of seed plants, especially the true thistles, genus Cirsium and conifers."

William Z. Lidicker, Jr., UC Berkeley
wlidicker AT berkeley.edu
"vertebrate evolution and ecology, conservation biology"

Jim McGuire, UC Berkeley
mcguirej AT berkeley.edu
"Phylogenetic systematics and comparative biology of reptiles, amphibians, and hummingbirds; simple-minded phylogenetic theory; biogeography"

Matthew Medeiros, UC Berkeley
m_j_m AT berkeley.edu
Systematics of flightless moths in Hawaii

Abby Moore, UC Berkeley
ajmoore AT berkeley.edu
"systematics of the Asteraceae, especially Balsamorhiza, Wyethia, and hopefully Grindelia; California/Western floristics"

Shelah I Morita, UC Davis
simorita AT hotmail.com

Andy Murdock, UC Berkeley
murdock AT berkeley.edu
"Molecular and morphological phylogenetics of ferns, in particular the Marattiaceae. Floristics of Pacific islands and California."

Steve Nadler, UC Davis
sanadler AT ucdavis.edu
Evolutionary biology of nematodes. Nematode Tree of Life project.

Brian O'Meara, UC Davis
bcomeara AT ucdavis.edu
Ant evolution and models of character evolution.

Susan Opp, Cal State Univ East Bay
susan.opp AT csueastbay.edu
"Behavioral ecology of insects, especially dispersal and mating systems."

Jerry A. Powell, UC Berkeley
powellj AT nature.berkeley.edu
"Systematics of Tortricidae (Lepidoptera); faunistic studies of Lepidoptera (Calif. Channel Islands, Costa Rica)"

Jason Raymond, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
raymond20 AT llnl.gov
"Emphasis on origin/evolution of metabolism, early Earth biogeochemical cycles, mechanisims of evolution (esp. in prokaryotes)."

Leslie Saul-Gershenz, Center for Ecosystem Survival
lsaul AT meer.net
http://www.savenature.org & http:/www.lsaul.com
I study the host-parasitoid system of the solitary digger bee Habropoda pallida (Apidae) and its nest parasite Meloe franciscanus (Meloidae). I also study pollination ecology in various systems.

Kathy Schick, UC Berkeley
kaschick AT berkeley.edu
"I work as a Curatorial assistant, Essig Museum of Entomology. My research is on phylogenetic relationships in Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera)."

Ainsley Seago, UC Berkeley
seago AT nature.berkeley.edu
Staphylinoid beetle systematics; evolution of structural colors

Rebecca Shapley, Google
rebecca AT akodon.com
bringing phyloinformatics and species informatics groups together; visualizing biodiversity information; designing information interfaces.

Karen Sime, U.C. Berkeley
ksime AT nature.berkeley.edu
"behavior, ecology, and systematics of parasitic wasps; biological control"

Felix Sperling, University of Alberta (formerly at UC Berkeley
felix.sperling AT ualberta.ca
"Research in my lab encompasses processes of evolution ranging from the diversification of major insect lineages to the formation of species boundaries. Our work on patterns of arthropod biodiversity also provides basic training for taxonomists at a time when their numbers are declining but their expertise is more important than ever before. In addition to extensive use of DNA sequences, we use morphological data and phylogenetic analysis, complemented by internet-accessible keys and databases."

Cory Unruh, UC Davis
cmunruh AT ucdavis.edu
"I am a PhD student studying the systematics of a tribe of scale insects. I am working on a phylogeny of the group, a monograph of a genus and an interactive key to the entire tribe."

Cherie L. R. Wetzel, City College of San Francisco
cwetzel AT ccsf.edu
Biology 101B Instructor; Botany 10 Instructor

Justen B. Whittall, UC Davis
jbwhittall AT ucdavis.edu
Modern comparative methods with emphasis on understanding the processes of adaptation and speciation in plants using a phylogenetic perspective.

Kipling W. Will, UC Berkeley
kiplingw AT nature.berkeley.edu
"Insect Systematics, taxonomy"

Guin Wogan, U.C. Berkeley and CAS
gwogan AT berkeley.edu
I work on population genetics and phylogentics of Asian frogs.

Martin Wojciechowski, Arizona State University
mfwojciechowski AT asu.edu
"Molecular phylogenetics of Fabaceae (legumes), molecular evolution, biogeography, floristics of western North America"