Valley Life Sciences Building

The Mishler Lab is located in the completely renovated Valley Life Sciences Building located centrally on the UC Berkeley campus. The complete renovation of this building cost $130 million; it contains the Department of Integrative Biology (in which Mishler is a faculty member), the Biological Science Library, and three independent collections: the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, the Museum of Paleontology, and the new quarters of the University and Jepson Herbaria (room 1301). Space for the Herbaria has increased from approximately 18,200 sq.ft. in the old LSB to 25,9000 sq.ft. in the new VLSB. Since the collection is now compactorized, the Herbaria's space increase has allowed the inclusion of greater laboratory space. A joint facility, the fully equipped Molecular Phylogenetics Laboratory, was set-up jointly by the Herbaria and the Museum of Paleontology. Mishler (and his graduate students) occupy a new, spacious (1500 sq.ft.) research lab suite on the fourth floor (room 4156). Well equipped research space is available for visitors and the collaborators. There is one of the largest biological sciences libraries in the country in VLSB, as well as Norris's and Mishler's personal bryophyte libraries. The Herbaria have their own floristic and systematic libary, and own a comprehensive map collection. Thus, extensive, brand-new space and facilities are available to support virtually any research activity.