Sonia Nosratinia

About Sonia

Sonia Nosratinia is the Mishler Lab manager. She has degrees in biology and in German language and literature. She began her botanical employment as a Paleobotany student researcher at UCMP and joined the Herbaria staff a year later. She moved up (3 floors) to join the Mishler Lab in 2001.

Pretty much a Jill-of-all-trades, Sonia directs the daily operations of the lab, provides training and support to the lab users and keeps the lab up to date on regulations and methodologies. She provides molecular training for all the Mishler graduate students and lab associates, collaborates on projects, contributes to grant proposals and publications, and most important, controls the lab's funds!  Beyond her duties as a lab manager, Sonia has provided extensive support in organizing and managing several local, national and international research trips and scientific meetings hosted by Dr. Mishler. In the past few years, she has also been an active contributor to several scientific outreach programs that involve local area high schools and the general community.

Sonia is a part-time graduate student in the lab of Dr. Robert Patterson at San Francisco State University.


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