The dual theme of PEET IV was internationalizing of the PEET concept, and connecting of PEET to broader scientific endeavors (e.g., the Tree of Life Initiative; Report fromTree of Life Workshop (PDF)). These are related ideas of course, the basic idea being to mainstream the PEET concept globally and scientifically. In support of the former theme, we invited several special guests who have insight and experience in science funding in other developed countries. In support of the latter theme, we emphasized the unity between "basic systematics" and phylogenetics/evolutionary biology/ecology at all levels. These are often considered separate activities, but of course they are the same philosophically and methodologically -- just a difference in scale. Through both themes we hoped to enhance the image of "basic systematics" in general, and the PEET ideals in particular, and hoped to enable PIs as well as trainees to understand and apply the broadest possible spectrum of approaches to their research.

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