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Sean Askay [email]

Copyright Information:

The hyperbolic tree image from this logo was created with The Rosetta Resolver System's Hyperbolic Lens Viewer. Hyperbolic tree image courtesy of Rosetta Biosoftware. (c) Copyright 2002 Rosetta Inpharmatics, Inc. All rights reserved

More about the use of hyperbolic trees in phylogenetics:

"Graphical trees provide an intuitive way to display hierarchically organized information like biological classifications and phylogenies. Unfortunately, however, as static trees incorporate increased information, they become cumbersome and confusing. Hyperbolic trees, which are a dynamic representation of hierarchical structure, are an effective way to display complex trees clearly."

      - From the Deep Green web site, "A new way to display trees on the web"

Check out the use of Inxight's Star Tree Studio (formerly called Site Lens Studio) to display the major evolutionary branches of green plants in an interactive web based hyperbolic tree.