The following are digital materials from the plenary session talks, Illustration Sessions and the other workshops held during PEET IV. All materials available for download have been posted here with the permission of the author.

Files that are listed but not downloadable may be requested personally from the webmaster Sean Askay.

Powerpoint Talks:

  • Sunday June 2nd 8:45-10:45am

    • The All Species Initiative [PowerPoint]
      Ryan Phelan (CEO, All Species Foundation)

    • The Convention on Biological Diversity and GBIF [PowerPoint]
      David Yeates (CSIRO)

    • ITIS - Inegrated Taxonomic Information System [PowerPoint]
      Gail Kampmeier (Illinois Natural History Survey)

    • PEET, Organismal Biology, and High-Throughput Genome Centers [PowerPoint]
      Jeff Boore (UC Berkeley & Joint Genome Institute, DOE)

    • Foundations of Comparative Biology [PowerPoint]
      David Ackerly (Stanford University)


  • Sunday June 2nd 11-12am

    • Rank-free classification [PowerPoint]
      Paula DePriest (Smithsonian Institution)

  • Sunday June 2nd 7pm

    • A taxonomy of species concepts: Concepts/Definitions [PowerPoint]
      Edward Theriot (University of Texas at Austin)

  • Monday June 3rd 8:45-10:45am

    • Problems and Promise in Coding Morphological Characters for Phylogenetic Analysis [PowerPoint]
      Edward Theriot and Stacy Edgar (University of Texas at Austin)

    • Problem Characters - Missing data Inapplicable states Binary recoding [PowerPoint]
      Christine Lambkin (CSIRO)

    • Why weight? Independence, reliability, and information content of morphological characters [PowerPoint]
      Meg Daly (University of Kansas)

    • Multistate Characters and Reciprocal Illumination [PowerPoint]
      John Heraty (University of California Riverside)

    • The Problem of Morphometric Data: Characterizing Shape [PowerPoint]
      Miriam Zelditch (University of Michigan)


  • Monday June 3rd 11am

    • Monographic techniques and technologies [PowerPoint]
      Dennis Wall (UC Berkeley) and Matt Buffington (UC Riverside)


  • Wednesday June 5rd 9-10:30am

    • Morphbank - A Look into the Future of Image Sharing [PowerPoint]
      Matt Buffington (UC Riverside)

    • A Biodiversity Knowledge and Innovation Network (BKIN) for Canada [PowerPoint]
      Peter Hall (Biodiversity Knowledge and Innovation Network Initiative)

    • Prospects for developing EuroPEET [PowerPoint]
      Angela Newton, Jaakko Hyvonen and Steve Blackmore


  • Illustration 1: Biological Illustration - An Introduction to Some Traditional Methods
    Jody Martin (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)
    • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Illustration 2: Computer Assisted Drawing Techniques
    J. Marie Mullett (University of Illinios)
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Student CD (PC - Zip, Mac - Stuffit)

  • Illustration 3/4: Digital Imaging
    Mark Siddall (American Museum of Natural History)
    • stuff

  • Incongruence Workshop
    Christine Lampkin (CSIRO)
    • PowerPoint Presenstation
    • Worksheets