The National Science Foundation's Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy (PEET) has used three previous workshops as a means to develop a vibrant PEET community that shares expertise and resources and works together to strengthen and improve systematics as a discipline. The first workshop in 1996 focused on computer tools for modern taxonomic research, the second workshop in 1998 focused on training of taxonomic experts, and the third workshop in 2000 focused on the practice of monographic research and the dissemination of monographic products in an electronic age. The biannual PEET workshops are critical to sharing expertise and resources developed in the individual projects with the whole PEET community.

The University of California at Berkeley was selected as the site for the fourth PEET meeting held in June 2002. This four-day workshop (June 1-5, 2002) drew 163 participants, including 10 international guests. The dual theme of this meeting was the internationalizing the PEET concept and the connecting of PEET to broader scientific endeavors.

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