In addition to publication in the usual peer-reviewed print media, we will make the results of this study available more widely and rapidly by use of the Internet. We are already heavily involved in using the WWW as a means of communicating information to the community. The University and Jepson Herbaria maintain a web page at: . The Mishler lab has a growing page at: , which can be viewed for more information on bryological programs at UC Berkeley. We have developed web pages for two groups that we are closely associated with, the Green Plant Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group and the American Bryological and Lichenological Society . Mishler is a contributor to the Tree of Life pages for green plants . A graduate student in the Mishler lab, Brian Speer, is largely responsible for carrying out the technical aspects of these efforts, and he will receive summer support from the University Herbarium for continuing these efforts and teaching students in the ways of the Web (as part of the University's matching funds contribution).

Each student will develop a web page as their monographic study develops. Beginning with a nomenclatorial list (e.g. Table 1), they will add protologs, figures, specimens examined, character notes, and eventually keys, data matrices, phylogenies, and comparative studies. Thus, their dissertation thesis will be compiled and written in sections as it is completed. This will allow their tentative conclusions to be communicated quickly, and also allow for feedback from the community to improve the final result.

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