lodging & fees <<



Lodging costs this year were approximately $40 per person for double occupancy and $65 per person for single occupancy; accomadations were at the on-campus housing complex near the meeting room (all at the Foothill Complex, see map here).


Breakfast and lunch ($8 and $10 per day respectively) were served at an adjacent cafeteria.
Thursday and Saturday Dinners were left open for groups to explore on their own -- we were within walking distance of hundreds of restaurants surrounding campus -- one of the most exciting and vibrant college scenes in the US.

Additional charges were needed to cover rental of the meeting room, A-V, xeroxing, and other miscellaneous expenses.


Optional Workshop:

Moss 2006 was preceded by a hands-on workshop held June 26 - 27 in conjunction with the Joint Genome Insitute oriented towards annotation of the Physcomitrella genome (for which the sequencing has just been completed). Housing at the same complex was available for workshop attendees, for arrival June 25th.


Approximate conference fees:

(inclusive of housing, most meals, and all ancillary expenses). There were four categories of participants, here are the per person estimated fees (S = single occupancy and D = double occupancy):

  1. Attending workshop, field trip, and meeting..D = $650 S = $800
    (arriving 6/25, departing 7/2)

  2. Attending field trip and meeting...................D = $500 S = $600
    (arriving 6/27, departing 7/2)

  3. Attending meeting only...............................D = $400 S = $500
    (arriving 6/28, departing 7/2)

  4. Local participant, meeting only..........................$150
    (no meals or housing)

For participant categories 1, 2, and 3, a deposit of US $250 was required by April 30th. For Participant category 4, a deposit of the full amount of $150 was due by April 30th. Deposits will be refunded if notice of cancellation was received by June 9th.


Internet access:

Internet access was provided rooms at the Foothill Complex.