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Directions from Airport:

Via Public Transit:

  • From San Francisco International (SFO):

    BART will bring you from inside of the airport to downtown Berkeley Station (take Richmond-bound train, or a Pittsburg/Bay Point train, and transfer at MacArthur to Richmond line).

  • From Oakland Airport (OAK):

    You can also take BART from Oakland airport to downtown Berkeley; take the AirBART bus from the Oakland airport to the Coliseum BART Station, and then take a Richmond BART train to downtown Berkeley.

  • BART to Foothill Complex is a 25 minute walk -up hill- from downtown Berkeley BART station across campus, a pretty walk and nice exercise. Or, if the California healthy lifestyle isn't for you, you can take a cab from the station, which would take only a few minutes but would cost you the cab fare. The cab stop is right outside the BART station.


Via taxi/shuttle:

  • You can also take an airport taxi, an airport shuttle, or rent a car. Parking is not fun, however, neither is driving in California traffic. Walking up though a beautiful green campus in the California sunshine is fun (just keep telling yourself that...) :-)



Parking is a pain on campus. There is no way to get a generic parking pass for the meeting. So, if you need parking, please contact Sonia Nosratinia right away, with specific dates for which you need parking (even if you have emailed her about parking before).

Parking is $9 a day. Street parking in the area consists only of 2 hour zones. Other paid parking may be available, but those other parking structures do not allow overnight parking, so you would have to move your car to the street every night if you go with that option. The bottom line is: contact Sonia to order permits for specific days (& nights).


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