acknowledgements <<



The lead organizer for Moss 2006 was Brent Mishler; he would like to thank his Bryolab team, without which this meeting couldn't have happened:

  • Sonia Nosratinia (registration, logistics, correspondence, i.e., the real organizer!)
  • Tamrya D'Artenay (abstracts and general assistance)
  • Sean Askay (webmaster)
  • Bianca Knoll (artwork for logo)

We thank the Berkeley Natural History Museums for administrative support.

We thank the University and Jepson Herbaria for sponsoring the opening reception Wednesday night.

We also thank the Joint Genome Institute, (US Dept. of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley) for coordinating the Physcomitrella Jamboree preceding Moss 2006, and of course for sequencing the moss genome!