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Supplementary Data
  • 18S rRNA gene sequence list of green plants - Version 17; 02/25/2003
    (this list was compiled by Volker Huss, send additions to varhuss@bioLogie.uni-erLangen.de)
  • Moss DNA List - 1 Mar. 99
    (Compiled and maintained by C. La Farge, send additions to clafarge@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca)
  • K. M. Pryer, A. R. Smith, & J. E. Skog. 1995. Phylogenetic relationships of extant ferns based on evidence from morphology and rbcL sequences. American Fern Journal 85(4):205-282.
    Fern Morphology Matrix (nexus file)
    Fern rbcL Matrix (nexus file)
  • P. G. Wolf, K. M. Pryer, A. R. Smith, & M. Hasebe. (1998). Phylogenetic studies of extant pteridophytes. in Molecular Sytematics of Plants, 2nd ed. P. S. Soltis, D. E. Soltis, & J. J. Doyle (eds.) Chapman and Hall, NY.
    Fern Morphology Matrix (nexus file)
  • B.D. Mishler, L.A. Lewis, M.A. Buchheim, K.S. Renzaglia, D.J. Garbary, C.F. Delwiche, F.W. Zechman, T.S. Kantz, and R.L.Chapman. 1994. Phylogenetic relationships of the "green algae" and "bryophytes." Annals Missouri Botanical Garden 81: 451-483.
    GP-MORPH (nexus file)
    LP-MORPH (nexus file)
    GP-MOLEC (nexus file)
    LP-MOLEC (nexus file)
    GP-COMB (nexus file)
    LP-COMB (nexus file)