DNA sequencing facilities

Facilities are available in the Mishler Lab itself for pre-PCR DNA work. Extractions are prepared here using two fume hoods, - 20°C freezer, refrigerator, Fisher waterbath, Dupont Sorvall and a MC12V microcentrifuge. Once PCR reactions are set up, we move to the Molecular Phylogenetics Laboratory (where Mishler is one of four co-PIs) for amplification and sequencing.

The Molecular Phylogenetics Laboratory (MPL) is located in a two-room suite (rooms 1123 and 1125) on the first floor of the Valley Life Sciences Building near the Herbarium. The MPL is equipped for all major molecular systematic techniques. That facility includes 2 MJ Research PTC-200 Thermo Cycler,1 Perkin Elmer Gene Amp PCR Systems, Stratagene Eagle Eye Gel Imaging System, Savant Speed Vac System, Sorvall MC12V microcentrifuge, multiple VWR heatblocks, -20°C freezer, and a 4°C refrigerator.

More complete information can be found at the MPL website.