The Baldwin Lab

Jepson Herbarium (JEPS)
Professor & Curator Museum Scientist
  • Susan Bainbridge
Staff Research Associate & Lab Manager
Graduate Students
  • Will Freyman:
    Phylogenomics and reticulate evolution in Chylismia (Onagraceae),
    2014 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
  • Matt Guilliams:
    Evolution of the popcorn flowers (Plagiobothrys, Boraginaceae), vernal pool plant ecology and evolution, phylogenetic relationships in the Montiaceae (Calyptridium, Lewisia, family-level relationships), floristics of western North America, plant conservation
  • Adam Schneider:
    Taxonomy, systematics, evolution, and host relationships of new world Orobanche (Orobancaceae); floristics of North America
  • Genevieve Walden:
    Systematics of Tribe Phacelieae (Hydrophylloideae: Boraginaceae), circumscribed to include Draperia, Emmenanthe, Eucrypta, Hesperochiron, Howellanthus, Phacelia, Romanzoffia, and Tricardia
  • Anne Liao
Visiting Scholars
  • Ben T. Wilder:
    Ezcurra Lab, Department of Botany and Plant Sciences
    University of California, Riverside
    Director, Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers:

Baldwin Lab Alumni