NSF Proposal - 12. Roles Of Senior Personnel / Roles Of Collaborators / Timeline


  • Charles O'Kelly: Project Coordinator; ultrastructural and morphological studies of "green algae" plus outgroups
  • Dina Mandoli: Coordination of BAC library production and interpretation; generation of BIG DNA for BAC construction; generation of data on nuclear genes
  • Richard Olmstead: Coordination of targeted sequencing of novel nuclear genes; phylogenetic analysis of organellar sequence data
  • Karen Renzaglia: Ultrastructural and morphological studies of land plants; coordination of educational activities
  • Paul G. Wolf: Coordinate acquisition of plant material, manage organelle extraction and DNA purification; shotgun sequence gap-filling
  • Brent D. Mishler: Coordinate with DEEP GENE, develop tools for phylogenetic analysis and databases, phylogenetic analysis of organellar genomic data; compartmentalization
  • Jeffrey L. Boore: Shotgun cloning; sequencing; assembly; annotation.
  • Alan R. Smith: Assist in plant material collection and identification; analysis of morphological data for land plants
  • Michael Donoghue: Construction of supertrees; study of character evolution; macroevolution
  • Rod Wing: BAC library production

ROLES OF COLLABORATORS (see also attached letters):

  • Melvin Oliver: Assistance with isolating organelle genomes; proteomics of the chloroplast.
  • Robert Jansen: Coordinate chloroplast genome sampling with that of the seed plants; informatics and analysis of genomic characters.
  • Jonathan Shaw: Molecular phylogenetic studies of bryophytes
  • Richard McCourt: Supply charophyte material
  • Charles Delwiche: Supply charophyte material; study coevolution of organellar and nuclear genomes
  • Louise Lewis: Study other green transitions to land distinct from than embryophytes
  • Mark Buchheim: Phylogenetic studies of the chlorophytes
  • Marvin Fawley: Phylogenetic studies of the chlorophytes
  • Rick Zechman: Phylogenetic and evolutionary studies of the ulvophytes; assist in educational programs [letter pending]
  • Andy Knoll: Integration of fossils into deep green plant phylogentics
  • Joseph Hellerstein: Research on phylogenetic data bases for heterogeneous data
  • Bernard Moret: Development of novel phylogenetic algorithms; informatics, and databasing issues.
  • Michael Sanderson: Application of compartmentalization and supertree approaches; molecular clocks, macroevolutionary study [letter pending: Dr. Sanderson is on travel]
  • Roy Brown and Betty Lemmon: Ultrastructural and immunofluorescent studies of charophytes and embryophytes
  • Roberto Ligrone: Anatomical, immunological and ultrastructural studies of bryophytes and pteridophytes
  • Jeffrey Duckett: Morphological studies of streptophytes
  • Thomas Friedl: Phylogenetic studies of the chlorophytes [letter pending, Dr. Friedl is on travel]
  • B. Franz Lang: Organellar genome studies, with special reference to potential outgroups [letter pending]