General Databases
Tree of Life
Organized by the Maddisons, this is an attempt to have the entire phylogeny of life on earth (as currently understood) on-line and accessible to everyone. The site has many pages on fish and arthropods, with more coverage being added all the time.
Fledgling project to establish a relational database of phylogenetic information, especially published trees and data matrices. The project has begun by concentrating on green plant data (particularly angiosperms), but hopes to eventually include studies on all organisms, based on all types of data.
UCMP Phylogeny Exhibit
Educational exhibit on the major groups of life on earth, with information about the fossil record, ecology, morphology, and systematics of each group. Also try the UCMP WebLift to Taxa, which is an index to all groups currently treated.

Taxonomic Databases
















Database including terrestrial, marine and freshwater algae.
Approved Lists of Bacterial Names
Searchable database
Flora of North America
Information on the names, taxonomic relationships, continent-wide distributions, and morphological characteristics of all plants native and naturalized found in North America north of Mexico
Gray Herbarium Card Index
Searchable version of the valuable Gray Index, including New World vascular plant taxa at the level of species and below
Index Nominum Genericorum (Plantarum)
Searchable database of generic names for all organisms covered by the ICBN (International Code of Botanical Nomenclature), including bryophytes, algae, fungi, etc.
Index Nominum Algarum
Contains nearly 200,000 names of algae.
Index Virum
Collection of index files which link to lists on viral nomenclature.
Indices Nominum Supragenericorum Plantarum Vascularium
Searchable database for vascular plant taxa names above the generic level
International Organization for Plant Information

Internet Biodiversity Service
Includes the data for Species 2000, UNESCO, and IOP
Jepson Flora Project: Plants of California
Information on identification, taxonomy, distribution, ecology, relationships, and diversity of California vascular plants
Mammal Species of the World
Searchable database of all currently recognized species of (living) mammals, with data on each species
PLANTS Projects Databases
Collection of US databases of the North American flora. Includes the Interagency Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)
Species 2000
A British attempt to index the scientific names of all known species