The overall objective of the GTOL project is to resolve the primary pattern of evolutionary diversification among green plants. To do this, we will generate a comprehensive dataset for over 50 exemplar taxa. This dataset will incorporate characters from morphology, ultrastructure, and both organellar genome and nuclear gene sequences.

The table below serves as a public guide to our progress, indicating the status of morphological and molecular data across all taxa. The main functions of this public database are to indicate research that is planned or in progress by our group AND by others. This should help to avoid unnecessary duplication and to foster collaboration among labs.

Last Updated: 25 Feb 2005 by Paul G. Wolf.
Please email enquiries and requests for additions and changes to Paul Wolf

        Shaded rows refer to taxa being studied by other research groups

GTOL # Taxon name in orginal proposal Replacement Taxon Clade name Organelle Genome Pipeline Status Morphology status Notes
Chloroplast Mitochondrial
1 Nephroselmis olivacea Prasinophyte NC 000927 AF110138 In lit
2 Pterosperma sp. Prasinophyte Tissue Prep Tissue Prep In Progress
3 Chlorella vulgaris Trebouxiophyte AB001684 Tissue Prep In lit
4 Prototheca wickerhamii Trebouxiophyte AJ245645 NC 001613 Chloroplast sequence in Genbank is partial
5 Tetraselmis striata Trebouxiophyte OGMP OGMP In lit
6 Volvox carteri Chlorophyte QC QC In lit Nuclear genome being sequenced
7 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Chlorophyte BK000554 U03843 In lit See web site [link]
8 Oltmannsiellopsis viridis Ulvophyte B OGMP OGMP In lit
9 Lewinosphaera lissoclini (CCMP 1293) CCMP 1293 Ulvophyte 2(?) Tissue Prep Tissue Prep In Progress
10 Chlorocystis moorei Ulvophyte 1 Tissue Prep Tissue Prep In Progress
11 Ulothrix sp. Pseudendoclonium akinetum Ulvophyte 1 Tissue Prep AY359242 In lit
12 Acrochaete endozoica Ulvophyte 1 Tissue Prep Tissue Prep
13 Bolbocoleon piliferum Ulvophyte 1 Tissue Prep Tissue Prep Complete
14 Ulva lactuca Ulva californica WA1.3b Ulvophyte 1 OGMP OGMP In lit
15 Trentepohlia sp. Ulvophyte 2 Tissue Prep Tissue Prep
16 Blastophysa rhizopus Ulvophyte 2 RCA RCA Complete
17 Chaetosiphon moniliformis Ulvophyte 2 RCA RCA Complete
18 Wittrockiella paradoxa Ulvophyte 2 RCA RCA Complete
19 Caulerpa taxifolia Ulvophyte 2 Tissue Prep Tissue Prep
20 Codium decorticatum Codium fragile ssp. Tomentosoides Ulvophyte 2 RCA RCA In Progress
21 Ostreobium queketii Ulvophyte 2 FACS FACS In Progress
22 Acetabularia acetabulum Ulvophyte 2 RCA/PLUGS RCA/PLUGS In lit
23 Bornetella sphaerica Ulvophyte 2 Tissue Prep Tissue Prep In lit
24 Mesostigma viride Mesostigmatophyte NC 002186 AF353999 In lit
25 Chaetosphaeridium globosum Coleochaete orbicularis Coleochaetophyte QC QC
Chaetosphaeridium globosum AF494278 AF494279
Chara vulgaris Charophyte OGMP NC_005255
26 Chara braunii Charophyte CLONE CLONE
27 Klebsormidium flaccidum Klebsormidiophyte OGMP OGMP In lit
28 Entransia fimbriata Klebsormidiophyte Tissue Prep Tissue Prep In Progress
29 Chlorokybus atmosphyticus Chlorokybophyte OGMP OGMP
30 Spirogyra maxima Zygnematophyte Jungho Lee Tissue Prep In lit
31 Anthoceros formosae Hornwort AB086179 Yoshinaga PLUGS KE: Organellar DNA has been obtained from the NIB extract.
Anthoceros agrestis Hornwort Qiu planned
32 Notothylas orbicularis Leiosporoceros dussii Hornwort RCA RCA
33 Sphaerocarpos sp. Liverwort Tissue Prep Tissue Prep
34 Marchantia polymorpha Liverwort X04465 NC 001660
35 Blasia pusilla Liverwort RCA RCA
36 Bazzania trilobata Liverwort Tissue Prep Tissue Prep
37 Haplomitrium mnioides Liverwort RCA RCA
Scapania nemorosa Liverwort Qiu planned
38 Sphagnum palustre Moss SEQ SEQ In Progress
Sphagnum capillifolium Moss Qiu planned
39 Takakia ceratophylla Takakia Tissue Prep Tissue Prep
39.5 Tetraphis pellucida Moss RCA RCA/CLONE
40 Physcomitrella patens Moss AP005672 Sato
41 Andreaea sp. Moss Tissue Prep Tissue Prep
42 Tortula ruralis Moss ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY Assembly is nearing completion. Finishing will be handed to Mel Oliver
43 Selaginella moellendorffi Lycopod SEQ RCA/CLONE Nuclear genome being sequenced at JGI
Selaginella uncinata Lycopod Ueda complete
44 Isoetes flaccida Lycopod SEQ SEQ Knoop working on I. engelmanii mitochondrial genome
45 Huperzia lucidula Lycopod AY660566 BAC Dec 2004: chloroplast genome annotation complete. Manuscript accepted by Gene
46 Equisetum arvense Horsetail SEQ SEQ
Equisetum hyemale Horsetail Qiu planned
47 Psilotum nudum Psilotaceae AP004638 SEQ SEQ
48 Ophioglossum sp. Botrychium virginianum Eusporang. Fern RCA RCA In Progress
49 Angiopteris evecta Basal monilophyte ASSEMBLY CLONE September 2004: Finishing in Wolf lab
50 Osmunda cinnamomea O. regalis var. spectabilis Basal fern Tissue Prep Tissue Prep
Adiantum capillus-veneris "Modern" fern AY178864
51 Ceratopteris richardii "Modern" fern QC QC
52 Marsilea quadrifolia M. minuta Heterosp. Fern Tissue prep Tissue prep

Key for sequencing status, order of stages:

for FACS approach: Tissue prep (processing tissue) → FACS (fluorescence activated cell sorting) → RCA (rolling-circle amplification) → CLONE (shotgun)→ SEQ (sequencing) → ASSEMBLY → ANNOTATION.

BAC Library Pipeline: PREP (Culture/Tissue Preparation) → Plugs → Clone → Array → QC (5-step QC) → Complete

OGMP = Organelle Genome Megasequencing Program