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    Jepson Flora: Symbols Used in The Jepson Manual, Second Edition

In The Jepson Manual, Second Edition, the following three symbols (star, diamond, and broken diamond), are used as a space saving convention.

Native Taxa of Special Concern. A star symbol is applied to taxa as recognition of their inclusion in the California Native Plant Society's (CNPS's) Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants of California (8th Edition), lists 1-4. That set of lists includes all vascular plant taxa that are legally listed as rare, threatened, or endangered by the State of California or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A limited number of taxa, proposed for inclusion in the CNPS Inventory, also received the star symbol.

Invasive Non-native Taxa. The diamond symbol is applied to taxa as recognition of their inclusion in (1) the Pest Ratings of Noxious Weed Species and Noxious Weed Seed, developed by the State of California, Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services (July, 2010) and/or (2) the 4500 Noxious Weed Species list from Section 5004 of the Food and Agricultural Code. All names with an internal rating of A, B, C, or Q were considered. The diamond symbol is applied to taxa that occur in California or are considered to be of probable risk of establishment in the state. Some taxa included in the above-mentioned lists are not treated here because they either do not occur in California or their arrival and/or naturalization in the state is unlikely. The broken diamond symbol is applied to taxa not included in the above-mentioned state or federal lists, but included in (1) the California Invasive Plant Inventory Database (December 2010) developed by the California Invasive Plant Council (Cal- IPC) and/or (2) the Priority Species List of the Bay Area Early Detection Network (December 2010). Neither diamond nor broken diamond symbol is applied to native taxa.

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