Carl Purpus, Plant Collector in Western America Project Plan
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Date Last Changed: August 7, 1999.

  • On the Trail, with Purpus (talk2A.html)

    • Done, 11/9/98: Edit quotes and species names, add links to pictures as specified on printed version of 6/28/98.
      • 11/2/98, 2 hrs: approximately 60% of file edited as required. Some images need to have copywrite notice added and thumbnail prepared: col-23, col-25, col-26, col-28.
      • 11/7/98, 4 hrs; file edited for quotes and species names, copywrite notices and thumbnails prepared for: col-23, col-25, col-26, and col-28.
    • Done, 12/20/98: Add a hyperlink from quotations of letters to the letters themselves.

  • Las Colecciones Botanicas de C. A. Purpus en Mexico: Peri'odo 1898-1925

    • Prepare the Literature Citations.

  • Letters

    • Done: Write the Visual Basic code to cross-reference back to Articles that quote a letter. In other words, that data base can link a paragraph in an Article to a letter. Now we need to add the reverse link so that each letter will list the articles that refer to it.
    • Done: Write the code necessary to cross-reference locations and letters.
    • Done 3/26/99: Cross-reference Letters and Locations from 1896 to 1903. Cross-reference both United States and Mexico locations.
    • Done 3/27/99: Cross-reference the United States Locations in letters from 1905 through 1907.
    • Cross-reference the Mexico Locations in Letters from 1905 through 1907.

  • Geographical Index (geoidxA.html)

    • Done, 9/25/98: Basic formatting of the document. There were 19 pages in the original hard copy document.
      • 9/6/98: Nine pages of 19 formatted.
      • 9/23/98: Pages 10-14 formatted.
      • 9/25/98: Pages 15-19 formatted.
    • Done, 12/20/98: Add anchors for each location.
    • Done, 12/20/98: Convert file into an Access table, write code to create static HTML version of Geographic Index.
    • Done, 8/7/99: Correct the name of the cgi-bin used by G.N.I.S.
    • Check each location entry against G.N.I.S.
      • Done, 8/7/99: A's

  • Collections (collections0.html)
    • Done: Load the DBASE data base into Microsoft Access.
    • Done: Document the fields in the data base.
    • Done, 10/30/98: Prepare a static HTML web page of the Purpus' collections.
      • 10/25/98: Begin writing Visual Basic Code (3 hours)
      • 10/26/98: Continue writing VBA code (4 hours)
      • 10/30/98: Review current results with project team (1 hour)
    • Done, 7/17/99: Correct the author name to Barbara Ertter.
    • Purpus' type collection of Potentilla paucijuga

      I did a little checking on this entry in the collections list that we decided looked a little odd:

      251 Eriogonum umbellatum. [Det. by Brandegees: umbellatum]1892.

      This collection is a Type for: Potentilla paucijuga Rydb. N. Amer. Fl. 22: 348. 1908. La Sal Mountains, Grand County, Utah. #251 1892. (Holotype: US not found.) Comments: # 251 in part.

      This is a faithful reproduction of the original types and collections data.

      Although 251 is in fact the correct number associated with the type of Potentilla paucijuga, it is NOT part of Purpus's formal collecting number sequence. Rather, Purpus collected a whole series of alpine Potentilla from the Sierra La Sal, the majority of which have no numbers assigned whatsoever, apparently trying (unsuccessfully) to make sense out of what the little b-----s are doing there.

    • Done, 8/7/99: Add links from the Collections and Types data into the BONAP and CalFlora data base.
    • Add links from the Collections and Types data into the SMASCH data base.

  • Types (types.html)

    • Compare scanned file to original paper copy, make required editing changes.
      • 9/6/98: Page 1 of 8 is complete.
    • Bring the Types data into an Access data base with the Collections, Images and the Geographic Index.

  • Bibliography (bib.html)

    • Edit out the "." and replace with a blank and cell end; also change the background color of column 2 to #FFFFFF from #F7FFCC.
      • 9/6/98: A to Z complete.
    • Done 7/17/99: Convert the bibliography from a free text to a data base.
    • Done 7/17/99: Add anchor names to each bibliography entry so hyperlinks to the bibliography can be added.
    • Add hypertext links from the Bibliography to the Types list based upon taxa name.

  • Images (images.html)

    • 10/13/98: Convert the images file to a Microsoft Access data base.
    • 10/14/98: images/col-15.jpg, /col-16.jpg, /col-17.jpg, /col-18.jpg, and /col-19.jpg: add copywrite notice and prepare thumbnail.
    • 11/7/98: images col-23, col-25, col-26, and col-28: add copywrite notice and prepare thumbnail.
    • 11/7/98: Combine the image data with the collections data in separate tables in the same Access data base.
    • It would be good to have the following images:
      • Fremontia californica, for use in 1896, 0250
    • Re-scan the following images: col-27, col-30, col-36, col-37, col-38, col-39, col-40, col-41, col-42, col-43, col-44, col-45, col-46, col-48, col-49, col-50, col-51, col-52, col-53, col-54, col-55, col-56, col-57, col-58, col-59, col-60, col-61, col-67, col-68.
    • Scan, for the first time, images: col-80 through col-105.
    • Change the presentation of slides on the web site, congruent with what I'm arguing for with the Clearinghouse etc. concept. Specifically, that the full-size images be framed by something that clearly designates their status as part of the Purpus website, with a way of getting to the home page independent of the back-up button. This way if someone found the image via a back door, or chose to download it, it would still be possible to know it was part of the Purpus website.
    • Fixed, 7/17/99: Some of the images are appearing out of order.
    • Do we want to classify the images by "Topic?"

  • Survey (survey.html)
    • 10/14/98: Survey form created and loaded onto web site.